What does James Wade do for a living?

Darts Player
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James Martin Wade (born 6 April 1983) is an English professional darts player, currently playing in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). He became the youngest player to win a major PDC title, when he won the 2007 World Matchplay at the age of 24.

Is James Wade a Millionaire?

James Wade was born in Aldershot, England in April 1983. Wade currently plays in the Professional Darts Corporation. James was the youngest player to ever win a major PDC title in 2007 at the World Matchplay….James Wade Net Worth.

Net Worth: $3 Million
Nationality: England

How much do you get for winning the darts world championship?

Prize money for PDC World Darts Championship Contestants will receive winnings ranging from £7,500 ($9,886 USD/$13,081 CAD) to the grand prize of £500,000 ($659,100 USD/$872,095 CAD), depending on where they finish. Here’s how it shakes out, round-by-round: Winner: £500,000 ($659,100 USD/$872,095 CAD)

Where was the 2014 World Darts Championship held?

2014 PDC World Darts Championship. The 2014 Ladbrokes World Darts Championship was the 21st World Championship organised by the Professional Darts Corporation since it separated from the British Darts Organisation. The event took place at the Alexandra Palace, London between 13 December 2013 and 1 January 2014.

Are there any English players in the PDC Darts Championship?

For the first time in PDC history, there was no Englishman in the final. The televised stages featured 72 players. The top 32 players in the PDC Order of Merit on 26 November 2013 were seeded for the tournament.

What’s the prize money for the World Darts Championship?

Prize money. The 2014 World Championship features a prize fund of at least £1,050,000. The winner’s prize money has been increased from £200,000 to £250,000.

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