What do Ray Ban model numbers mean?

The width or diameter of the lens is the first number (52-18-140) The bridge width is the distance between the two lenses (52-18-140) Bridge. The 3rd number of the sequence is the length of the temples (52-18-140) Temple.

Which Ray Ban lens is the best?

Ray-Ban Lens Chart

Lens Color Features Polarized VLT %
Green Mirror Blue Chromance Bright Colors, Enhanced Contrast, Better Clarity 13%
Grey Mirror Grey Gradient Chromance Bright Colors, Enhanced Contrast, Better Clarity 18-43%
Green Mirror Gold Gradient Chromance Bright Colors, Enhanced Contrast, Better Clarity 18-43%

What is the difference between Wayfarer and Wayfarer ease?

The Ease is essentially the “New” New Wayfarer. Instead of having a similar style but new altogether shape of the New Wayfarer, the Ease is the exact same as the Classic Wayfarer, just without the “tilt” the originals have.

What does F mean in Ray-Ban?

Ray-ban lens code categories 0 is for cloudy conditions; 1 is for partly sunny; 2 is for medium brightness; 3 for high intensity and 4 is for exceptional brightness. The following letter can be one of three — N for normal or non-polarised, P for polarised and F for photo-chromatic.

Do Wayfarers suit everyone?

Wayfarers work on most face shapes, but not on everyone. Often, it isn’t actually due to the shape, but more so the color and size of the sunglasses in contrast to your skin tone and the size of your head. When it comes to face shape, they particularly work well on oblong, oval and round face shapes.

Which Wayfarers are the best?

Slick Shades: 15 Best Wayfarer Sunglasses For Men

  • Persol PO3164 Sunglasses.
  • Tracksmith The Charles Sunglasses.
  • Oliver Peoples L.A. Coen Sunglasses.
  • Moscot Gelt Sun.
  • Garret Leight Calabar Sunglasses.
  • Salt Lopez Sunglasses.
  • Cutler And Gross Square Frame Sunglasses.
  • Thom Browne Navy Sunglasses.

What is the difference between the Ray-Ban RB2132 and RB2140?

The RB2132 comes in two different lens sizes which are 52mm and 55mm. The specifications in size for the Ray-Ban RB2132 are the following: RB2132. 52-18-145mm (53mm lens, 18mm bridge, 145mm temples) 55-18-145mm (55mm lens, 18mm bridge, 145mm temples) Both these Wayfarers are in fact made in Italy.

When did the Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 come out?

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140 is the original wayfarer, and has been around since 1952. This iconic frame set the trend for Ray-Ban in the initial years after its release. The design of this frame has an aggressive Panasonic tilt, which is defined as a frame angled towards the cheek.

What are the model numbers for Ray Ban?

Ray-Ban model code numbers. The first set of figures is invariably preceded by the letters RB followed by a line of numbers such as RB2132. It is the official code for Ray-Ban model and RB 2132, for example, is the New Wayfarer model.

What does the State Street Ray Ban look like?

The State Street takes the original Wayfarer shape and exaggerates it. Bolder rims and more angular lines give it a distinct look. Frank comes from the design aesthetic of the 1990s, adopting a squarish shape with rounded edges that would feel right at home on the face of JFK Jr.