What causes ascites?

The most common cause of ascites is cirrhosis of the liver. Drinking too much alcohol is one of the most common causes of cirrhosis of the liver. Different types of cancer can also cause this condition.

What is ascites and how is it caused?

Ascites Causes Ascites happens when pressure builds up in the veins of your liver and it doesn’t work as it should. These two problems usually are caused by another condition — cirrhosis, heart or kidney failure, cancer, or an infection. The pressure blocks blood flow in the liver.

What is ascites and how is it treated?

Ascites is often managed by draining the fluid. Your doctor may also suggest some tablets to help your body get rid of the extra fluid. If cancer is causing the ascites, treating the cancer may help.

Is ascites life threatening?

Even breathing can be a problem, especially when you are lying down. But the most dangerous problem associated with ascites is infection, which can be life-threatening. Ascites may go away with a low salt diet, and with diuretics (water pills) ordered by your provider.

What is the life expectancy of someone having severe ascites…?

The patient’s life expectancy is generally limited to weeks to months after the onset of ascites. Of the three major complications of hepatic cirrhosis-liver encephalopathy , ascites and varicose veins bleeding are most common.

What is the prognosis of ascites?

In general, the prognosis of malignant ascites is poor. Most cases have a mean survival time between 20 to 58 weeks, depending on the type of malignancy as shown by a group of investigators. Ascites due to cirrhosis usually is a sign of advanced liver disease and it usually has a fair prognosis.

How do you treat ascites?

The basic treatment for ascites is a low-sodium diet and bed rest. If diet is ineffective, people are usually also given drugs called diuretics (such as spironolactone or furosemide). Diuretics make the kidneys excrete more sodium and water into the urine.

What is the cause of ascites?

The most common cause of ascites is advanced liver disease or cirrhosis . Although the exact mechanism of ascites development is not completely understood, most theories suggest portal hypertension (increased pressure in the liver blood flow to the liver) as the main contributor.