Is Proton Inspira reliable?

Common Issues of the Proton Inspira And like most Japanese cars, the Inspira is generally a reliable car.

How fast is Proton Inspira?


Powertrain and performance
1.8 Manual 2.0 CVT
Maximum Speed (km/h) 202 km/h (126 mph) 198 km/h (123 mph)
Acceleration 0–100 km/h (sec) 10 seconds 10.5 seconds
Maximum Power 138 hp (103 kW)@6000 rpm 148 hp (110 kW)@6000 rpm

Is Mitsubishi a proton?

Proton was originally owned in majority by HICOM, with minority stakes being held by Mitsubishi Group members. By 2005, Mitsubishi had divested their stake in Proton to Khazanah Nasional, and in 2012, Proton was fully acquired by DRB-HICOM.

Why Proton is not doing well?

The problems in Proton cars ranged from faulty power windows, poor quality control and many more that haunted Malaysians over the past three decades. The latest article from the Star showed that Proton’s quality control in the past was done by checking one car out of the 40 cars assembled.

What happened Proton?

Proton was established in 1983 as Malaysia’s sole national badged car company until the advent of Perodua in 1993. By 2005, Mitsubishi had divested their stake in Proton to Khazanah Nasional, and in 2012, Proton was fully acquired by DRB-HICOM.

Why did Geely buy Proton?

“Now at least 85 percent of our dealers are in profit,” said Li. Daniel Donghui Li, chief financial officer of Geely and a board member at Proton, said one reason that Proton chose Geely from three rounds of global bidding was that the Chinese carmaker had a unique vision for Proton’s future development.

Who is owner of Proton?

Proton Holdings/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of Proton?

Li Chunrong (Sep 29, 2017–)
Proton Holdings/CEO

Is the Proton Inspira 2.0 P CVT 2nd hand?

Planning to get an Proton Inspira 2.0 P CVT (2nd hand) soon. Before I make this big jump, I appreciate if those who are currently using Inspira can share with me the common issues faced with Inspira.

Why did Proton cut the price of Inspira?

Proton has slashed the price of Inspira models, claiming it is a result of manufacturing cost savings. The company also stressed that the vehicle is the result of an original equipment manufacturer collaboration with Mitsubishi Motor, not a rebadging.

Which is the latest model of Proton car?

Proton has successfully launched its new model, Proton Inspira which is the result of technology sharing between Proton and Mitsubishi.

What kind of transmission does Proton Inspira have?

Proton Inspira produced in 3 different choices of transmission and engine which is 1.8 litre MIVEC 4b10 manual transmission, 1.8 litre MIVEC 4b10 CVT Continuous Variable Transmission and the Proton Inspira Premium model 2.0 litre MIVEC 4b11 CVT Continuous Variable Transmission with paddle shifter and leather finishing.