Is Pocket juice a good portable charger?

Overall, PocketJuice is not a premium portable charger brand, and its build quality and reliability are quite average. Its most important selling point is the price, which starts at as low as $13.99, making these power banks quite affordable.

How long does a pocket juice portable charger last?

The charger already provides a Micro-USB cable for immediate use and features a 2.4-Amp output. All you need is 5-6 hours and this handheld charger can deliver up to 3 extra smartphone charges!…

Product Dimensions 9 x 6 x 3 inches
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 271 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars

How do you charge a pocket juice 20000mah?

Power Your Apple and Android Devices: The PocketJuice 20,000 mAh contains dual high-speed USB ports with a combined 4.8A output and is compatible with your Android and Apple devices. Use with your Apple-supplied Lightning cable to charge any of compatible iPhone models for ultimate convenience and optimal charge times.

How much charge does a pocket juice have?

The Pocket Juice runs you about $10, but be warned the store we purchased it from warns they’re difficult to keep in stock due to demand. Copyright 2014 WSFA 12 News. All rights reserved.

How do I charge my pocket juice?

CHARGING YOUR PHONE OR OTHER PORTABLE DEVICE Insert one end of the included Micro USB cable or the original cable that came with your device into the phone. Insert the other end into the USB port of the Pocket Juice Charger. 2. Turn the Power Bank on by pressing the Power ON/OFF button, the charging process will start.

What is a pocket juice portable charger?

Charge mobile devices anywhere with the Pocket Juice 12000mAH Battery Pack. This cellphone accessory can be used to charge your tablet and other devices as well. The portable external battery features two USB ports, so it can charge multiple phones or a phone and tablet at the same time.

What is a pocket juice charger?