Is Lake Anna a good investment?

Lake Anna has a strong rental market, making a second home a great investment. Home and land prices are going nowhere but up, so now is a great time to buy. Let’s not forget that the taxes in the three counties that encompass Lake Anna are very low.

Is Lake Anna a good place to live?

If you’re thinking about retiring to a new place, consider beautiful Lake Anna. In 2018, AARP ranked Virginia as one of the fifth “Best States to Retire.” The state was praised for its array of leisure of activities, access to natural settings, historical attractions and more. All of this can be found near Lake Anna.

What is the warm side of Lake Anna?

Water entering the lake on the south side has been heated in the Lake Anna nuclear power plant, as it cools the team boilers that generate electricity. Discharge into the lake creates a “hot side” on the southern edge of Lake Anna.

Which side of Lake Anna is best?

There is a private and public side to Lake Anna and benefits to living on either side. The private side is also referred to as the warm side and can extend the recreation season by several months due to the fact that it can be up to 10 degrees warmer than the cool/public side.

Are there alligators in Lake Anna?

In addition to alligators, the lake has been a draw for local anglers (the lake reportedly has over 30 species of fish including large-mouth bass, striped bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, bluegill, and white and yellow perch) as well as retirees and families looking for a laid-back vacation.

What town is Lake Anna Virginia in?

The lake is easily accessible from Fredericksburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. and is one of the most popular recreational lakes in the state….

Lake Anna
Type reservoir
Basin countries United States
Max. length 17 mi (27 km)
Surface area 13,000 acres (5,300 ha)

What is the water temperature of Lake Anna?

Lake Anna is a village close to Lake Anna. July is the month with the hottest water temperature at 79.7°F / 26.5°C. The coldest month is February with an ø water temperature of 34.7°F / 1.5°C….Lake Anna Summary.

Description Value
Warmest Month Water Temperature: July with 79.7°F / 26.5°C
Lowest Humidity March with 60.2%

Are there alligators in Lake Anna Virginia?

Is it safe to eat fish from Lake Anna?

On Lake Anna, carp, largemouth bass, striped bass, white catfish, channel catfish and bluegills should be eaten no more than twice a month. Eat smaller fish, because they have not accumulated as many PCBs in fatty tissues. Eat fish from different bodies of water, since PCB levels vary by location.

Are there alligators in Lake Anna VA?

Is there a real estate company in Lake Anna VA?

Lake Anna Realty – Lake Anna, Virginia Real Estate Company | For your real estate on the water needs! Let us show you the many options you have at Lake Anna, for a beautiful waterfront home!!

How many Lake lots are there in Lake Anna?

Lake Anna real estate is considered the third largest market for lake homes and lake lots in Virginia. There are typically 130 lake homes for sale on Lake Anna at any given time. The lake will usually have 270 or so lake lots and land for sale.

Where is the best place to live in Lake Anna VA?

Lake Anna is the best place in Virginia to work, retire and vacation! Come by and see what Lake Anna, Virginia has to offer! Our Agents are more than just Realtors, they are local experts who understand and appreciate the business and will be with you every step of the way!

Where is the Lake Anna reservoir in Virginia?

About Lake Anna. Lake Anna is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Virginia. Located 70 miles south of Washington D.C. in Louisa, Spotsylvania, and Orange counties, this 13,000 acre reservoir is one of the most popular recreational lakes in the state. The reservoir is formed by the North Anna Dam on the North Anna River.