How much does it cost to park at SMF?

Long Term Parking The Daily Lot is $12 per day and the Economy Lot is $10 per day. If you plan to be away for more than three weeks, please call 916.874.

Is it safe to park at Sacramento airport?

All the parking lots at the Sacramento International Airport are completely secure. If your vehicle is more than 21 feet then you have to pay double than the said parking rates.

How much is hourly parking at SMF?

SMF Hourly parking costs $2 per half an hour and same for each half-hour thereof, up to daily maximum of $29 per day. SMF Daily parking costs $2 per each half an hour, up to daily maximum of $12 per day for Daily Lot and $18 per day for Parking Garage.

How early should I get to the Sacramento airport?

2 hours
– Passengers flying out of Terminal A at Sacramento International Airport are advised to arrive 2 hours prior to flight departure. Construction in the TSA checkpoint area of Terminal A has resumed, reducing the number of checkpoint lanes from seven to three.

How do you get from Terminal A to B at SMF?

To get to Terminal B (from ground level of Terminal A): 1. Take the escalator or the elevator up to level 2 2. Cross a sky bridge to the parking garage 3.

How do you get free parking at Disneyland?

Annual passholders who have the parking option on their pass may park in either facility at no additional charge. DOWNTOWN DISNEY — Self-park in the Downtown Disney parking area. Three hours of parking are free with a $20 minimum purchase and a validated parking ticket from any Downtown Disney location.

How long does it take to get through security at SMF?

A rule of thumb is an hour and a half for domestic flights and two hours for international flights. Keep in mind that you may be denied check-in if you arrive less than 45 minutes before your flight.

Is there long term parking at SMF airport?

SMF Long Term Parking SMF airport has long as well as short stay parking options for every traveler. It provides free shuttle services at both the terminals for 24 hours a day. The rental car shuttles pick and drop you off to the specific terminals.

Where is the parking lot at SMF in Sacramento?

The Daily Lot is located prior to the entrance to the garage on Airport Boulevard. All parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.Reservations are not available. Beginning November 2, cash will not be accepted at parking lot cashier booths in all parking lots at Sacramento International Airport (SMF).

How much does it cost to park at Sacramento International Airport?

How much does it cost to park long term parking at Sacramento International Airport? The Economy Parking Lot is the cheapest parking option – it is $10/day. There are several other options, and you can see all of them listed above. Does the airport offer free parking?

What are payment methods are accepted at Sacramento International Airport SMF?

What payment methods are accepted at Sacramento International Airport SMF? A: In all the Sacramento Airport parking cash is not accepted at the cashier booths. You can make the payment through your debit and credit cards including AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.