How much does education cost in Hong Kong?

The average cost for Year 1 is HKD 137,000. Secondary tuition fees for Year 7 range from HKD 92,000 to HKD 228,000, and the average cost is HKD 156,000. This rises to an average of HKD 172,000 for college, Years 12 and 13.

How much does private school in Hong Kong cost?

Study by Edarabia shows Education in Hong Kong private schools can amount up to HKD 3 million (382,759.20 USD) per child, averaging HKD 177,591 per year. Modelled after the British education system, the Hong Kong education system is known to be one of the best in the world.

How many international schools are in Hong Kong?

76 International Schools
All the key information about the 76 International Schools in Hong Kong: Extracurricular activies, if teachers are native, class sizes, fees, school bus availability, etc.

Why are international school fees so high?

International teachers and staff – International schools often employ teachers and staff from outside the country where the school is located. Recruitment, moving and housing costs for these international hires can all contribute to higher school fees.

Is there any Indian schools in Hong Kong?

The most common secondary schools are: King George V School (there’s so many Indians we jokingly call it King Gandhi V School also). It’s located near Tsim Sha Tsui, where many Indian families reside. Renaissance College (RCHK)

Which is the cheapest international school in Hong Kong?

These lower-cost options range from the well-established UMAH International Primary School to the more recent opening of HKCA Po Leung Kuk School – and from August 2019, the new Invictus International School.

Is there a Invictus school in Hong Kong?

Invictus School in Hong Kong is an inclusive, private co-educational international school, offering high quality and affordable all-through international education from Kindergarten 1 to Year 13.

Are there any Japanese schools in Hong Kong?

Japanese International School Hong Kong (JIS) was established in August 1997 with a large school campus opened in Tai Po, Hong Kong with an international section and a Japanese section to the school. Twenty years later the school is going from strength to strength offering both J…

Which is the best primary school in Hong Kong?

This affects all ESF primary schools including Beacon Hill, Sha Tin Junior, Bradbury, Peak School, Glenealy, Clearwater Bay, Quarry Bay and Kennedy. Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools are private primary and secondary schools that receive a subsidy from the government for local students.