How much does a Devon Rex cat cost?

The Devon rex is a relatively uncommon breed. Potential owners can expect to spend $600–$1000 for a Devon rex kitten from a quality breeder.

Are Devon Rex cats friendly?

A cousin of the Cornish Rex, the first Devon Rex was a feral kitten named Kirlee who was found pouncing around an abandoned tin mine in the county of Devon in the UK. And, like the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex is friendly, outgoing, and unbelievably playful!

Are Devon Rex cats high maintenance?

Devon Rex are not particularly high maintenance cats, but there are some basics that need to be carried out regularly, to keep your curly friend in tip top condition.

How can you tell a Devon Rex cat?

Look for large eyes on a small face. They are often described as looking like aliens or pixies because of their otherworldly looks. If your cat’s eyes are far bigger than a normal cat’s, they may be a Devon Rex. Devon Rex eyes come in many shades, so color is not a good indicator of the breed.

Can Devon Rex be left alone?

A Devon Rex does well in an environment where they will receive lots of attention, and does not like to be left alone for long periods at a time. Due to their naturally mischievous nature, if a Devon Rex is left to their own devices for too long, don’t be surprised if the house is rather messy when you come home.

Do Devon Rex have health problems?

The Devon Rex is generally healthy, but problems that have been seen in the breed include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation and a condition called hereditary myopathy that affects muscle function. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common form of heart disease in cats.

Do Devon Rex cats like to cuddle?

Rex’s are CUDDLY cats. I’ve never known any cats as loving as this breed. They will snuggle right into you, as if they want to get inside your skin. They want to sleep by your face and have a loud and lovely purr.

Do Devon Rex cats meow a lot?

Some breeds are known to be exceptionally talkative, with Siamese/Oriental cats being the most well-known, but Sphynx cats and Devon and Cornish Rex cats are also chatty cats. If your cat always starts meowing a lot when she sees you, take it as a compliment – you’re her human and she appreciates you.

Should I get a Cornish Rex or Devon Rex?

They also have fewer hereditary diseases to be concerned with, although both breeds are known to be healthy overall. If you are looking for a playful, energetic cat that is affectionate, loving, and loyal, either breed is a great choice, although the Devon Rex may be more docile and easy-going than the Cornish Rex.

Why does my Devon Rex meow so much?

Are Devon Rex healthy?

The Devon Rex is generally healthy, but he has some health problems that may be of concern, especially if you aren’t careful about who you buy from. They are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation, a condition called hereditary myopathy that affects muscle function, and hereditary baldness.

Are Devon Rex cats aggressive?

Although they usually develop in old cats and are slowly progressive, multiple aggressive BISCs have been reported previously in a comparatively young Devon Rex cat. These unusual features should be considered when evaluating and treating skin disease in Devon Rex cats.