How long is Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course?

A comprehensive motorsports facility in Lexington, Ohio, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course sits on 330 acres and features a permanent road-racing circuit with two primary track configurations: 2.4-mile, 15-turn or 2.258-mile, 13-turn layout.

When was Mid-Ohio track built?

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course/Opened
“It’s a legacy we’ll carry on with great pride.” The Mid-Ohio facility was built in 1962 by Mansfield, Ohio businessman Les Griebling as a place for sports car racing. The track was purchased by entrepreneur and racing enthusiast Jim Trueman in 1982.

Who owns the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course?

Kim Green
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course/Owners

Is Mid-Ohio a good track?

Situated just 61 miles north of Columbus, the state capital, Mid-Ohio is a great road-racing track for three reasons. Second, Mid-Ohio is an excellent facility, with practical garages, lush green lawns, and clean and comfortable restrooms.

How many laps is Mid-Ohio?

90 LAPS | The 2.258-mile, 13-turn natural-terrain road course offers a little of everything — elevation changes, high-speed corners, flowing corners, tight corners, a narrow (40 feet) racing ribbon and a challenging entry to pit lane.

How many miles is Mid-Ohio?

2.400 mi
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Second Road Course (1990-present)
Length 2.400 mi (3.862 km)
Turns 15

How can I watch Mid-Ohio race?

TV: Noon ET on NBC and streaming on the NBC Sports App and

Where is the Mid-Ohio race held?

7721 Steam Corners Road, Lexington, Ohio
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Location Troy Township, Morrow County, at 7721 Steam Corners Road, Lexington, Ohio
Time zone UTC-5 (UTC-4 DST)
Coordinates 40°41′21.46″N 82°38′10.94″WCoordinates: 40°41′21.46″N 82°38′10.94″W
Capacity Bleachers: 12,000 Open seating: 75,000
Second Road Course (1990-present)

Where is the Mid-Ohio Raceway located?

The Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course is located at Lexington in central northern Ohio, 60 miles north of Columbus and 70 miles south of Cleveland.

What channel is the Mid-Ohio race on?

Where is the Mid-Ohio track?