How do you pray for deliverance prayer?

O Lord, my Healer, I seek to be free from this disability. I stand on Your Word that tells me that You forgive all our sins and heal all our diseases. Heal me, Lord, I pray. The thief has come to steal, kill, and destroy, but Your Son Jesus came to bring abundant life, and I claim that abundant life over my body.

Who is the saint of deliverance?

Rita of Cascia, born Margherita Lotti, (1381 – 22 May 1457) was an Italian widow and Augustinian nun venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church….Rita of Cascia.

Saint Rita of Cascia
Beatified 1626 by Pope Urban VIII
Canonized 24 May 1900, Vatican City, Rome by Pope Leo XIII

How do you pray for repentance?

Heavenly and Almighty God, I come before you humbled and sorrowful, aware of my sin, and ready to repent. Lord, forgive me for I have sinned before you. Wash away my sin, purify me, and help me to turn from this sin. Lead me to walk in your way instead, leaving behind my old life and starting a new life in you.

How to pray for deliverance in the Catholic Church?

A Prayer for Deliverance. “Loving God, Your Name is holy. Father, You are our safe place. It is You who guards us against trouble and surrounds us with songs of victory. God, with all of our hearts, we offer thanks to You, Mighty Lord. We submit ourselves before Your holy temple as we worship.

How does the Catholic Church provide deliverance from oppression?

The Church provides deliverance from oppression cases, even just under full possession, primarily through reception of the sacraments and spiritual direction. The affected person contributes greatly to their liberation through fully embracing spiritual guidance, confession, forgiveness, prayer, penance, and the Mass.

What does the Catholic Church say about protection?

Catholic Prayer for Protection “Dear Glorious St. Michael, guardian and defender of the Church of Jesus Christ, come to the aid of this Church, against which the powers of hell are targeting, guard with special care their august Head, and obtain that for them and for us the hour of victory may quickly arrive.

Why do we pray to St.Benedict for protection?

The prayer to St. Benedict is known to ward off the influence of evil and dangers. Pray the prayer with faith and protect yourself from evil Prayer to Saint Benedict for protection from evil and dangers. The prayer to St. Benedict is powerful to ward off the influence of evil, gossip, harassment and dangers.