How do I submit CPE credits to ISC2?

After earning ISC2 CPE credits, you must submit them under your profile in ISC2 website. After ISC2 reviews your submitted CPE credits, if they are aligned with the CPE requirements of ISC2, they will be approved and you will be able to renew your ISC2 certification at the end of three-year period.

How many CPE is a Ccsp?

To maintain your CCSP certifications, members/associates must earn 30 CPE credits per year and a total of 90 CPE credits throughout their three-year certification cycle. In addition, paying an Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) of U.S. $100 is also necessary.

How do you earn CPE credits?

Some of the most popular ways to earn CPE Credits include the following:

  1. Seminars and Workshops. The traditional live format of earning CPE credits is still available, and many CPAs appreciate the opportunity to attend such events from time to time for networking purposes.
  2. Live Webinars.
  3. On-Demand Courses.

How many hours is a CPE?

What are the minimum number of hours a CA CPA must complete each year? California CPAs must complete at least 20 hours of CPE, including 12 hours in Technical Fields of Study, each year.

How many CPE credits do you need for ISC2?

ISC2 expects a certified professional to earn certain number of CPE credits from these two CPE credit groups. Each ISC2 certification requires different number of CPE credits from each group. Following table depicts the CPE requirements of each ISC2 certification respectively.

How many ISC questions are there for CPE portal certification?

CPE Portal Questions Certification Type Suggested Annual 3-Year Total CISSP Group A 30 90 CISSP Group A or B 10 30 CISSP Total Required 40 120 CSSLP, CCSP Group A 20 60

Do you need ISC2 CPE to renew CISSP certification?

You must be aware of ISC2 CPE requirements and how to retain your ISC2 certification. For instance, if you have ISC2 CISSP certification, you must follow the CISSP CPE requirements and earn CISSP CPE credits to renew your certification.

How often do CPE’s need to be submitted?

(ISC)² members are required to submit CPEs to maintain their certification. The (ISC)² website receives 76,000 CPE submissions per month. These submissions are based on a complex set of rules with different restrictions for each type of credit that often become complex and confusing.