How do I reset my Worcester 24i boiler?

1. To reset the boiler press the reset button for approximately five seconds. When the boiler resets the reset button will no longer be illuminated.

Where is the reset button on a Worcester 24i junior boiler?

fault indicator button
The appliance can be reset by pressing the fault indicator button and holding in for 5 seconds when the appliance has cooled.

Why have I got no hot water or heating?

No heating or hot water This issue can be caused by anything from faulty motorised valves, broken system diaphragms and airlocks, to low pressure or a broken thermostat.

Why is my heating not coming on Worcester boiler?

Worcester boiler problems with no heating can often be resolved quite easily. If there is a build-up of air or sludge in the system it could be the reason why you are not getting the most out of your radiators. This will need them to be bled which can be done with a radiator key without an engineer.

Why does my hot water keep going cold?

If you’ve noticed that your hot water is suddenly turning cold after a very short amount of time, the most likely cause is a broken dip tube inside your hot water heater. And when that happens, you’ll get lukewarm water delivered to you soon after you start using hot water.

Is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i junior Combi hot water?

Our Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Junior combi produces hot water OK but the central heating radiators remain stone cold.

What was the problem with my Worcester 24i junior boiler?

Ah, he says, your expansion vessel is leaking water so that’s gone, this is what your problem will be and will bring your pressure back up (was down to zero). So I waited 2 weeks for him to return and replace vessel which took around 1.15hrs, but switching back the boiler, the fan made a loud whooshing noise and it switched itself back off.

Why is there no hot water in my Worcester Boiler?

Is your Worcester boiler problem relating to no hot water? There are a few scenarios that can lead to a lack of hot water. These include a faulty diverter valve (typical, if the heating works, but hot water doesn’t). But, it could also be due to lack of power, a stuck Y/S-plan valve, faulty PCB unit, or even a problem with the heating pump.

How does the Worcester 24i hot water heater work?

[quote=”htg engineer\\I don’t think the 24i does have a diverter it’s just a flow switch the water is heated by directly passing through the main heat-exchanger. That appeared to be the case with this model…..just a flow switch.