How do I find my state representative in Tennessee?

To find out who represents you in the Tennessee General Assembly, use the “Find My Legislator” tool on the General Assembly’s website at”

How many US representatives are from Tennessee?

Current members The delegation has 9 members: 7 Republicans and 2 Democrats.

How many districts does Tennessee have?

There are currently nine United States congressional districts in Tennessee based on results from the United States 2010 Census. There have been as few as eight and as many as thirteen congressional districts in Tennessee.

How much does a Tennessee state representative make?

Tennessee has a Republican state government trifecta. A trifecta exists when one political party simultaneously holds the governor’s office and majorities in both state legislative chambers….

Tennessee House of Representatives
Salary: $24,316/year + per diem
Total: 99
Democrats: 26

Who are TN senators and representatives?

Marsha Blackburn (Republican Party)
Bill HagertySince 2021

How long does a Tennessee state representative serve?

Representatives are elected to two-year terms with all representatives standing for election at the same time.

What are the last names of the two US senators from the state of Tennessee?

Tennessee’s current Senators are Republicans Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty.

Who is the House Representative from District 9 in Tennessee?

Tennessee’s 9th congressional district is a congressional district in West Tennessee. It has been represented by Democrat Steve Cohen since 2007….

Tennessee’s 9th congressional district
Representative Steve Cohen D–Memphis
Distribution 98.54% urban 1.46% rural
Population (2019) 700,497
Median household income $43,708

Who are the 2 senators from Tennessee?

How many House districts are in Tennessee?

The state is divided into 99 House districts from each of which one representative is elected. Each district is comprised of approximately 64,102 residents.

How much does a state senator make in Tennessee?

Tennessee State Senate
Salary: $24,316/year + per diem
Total: 33
Democrats: 6

What are the qualifications for becoming a Tennessee state representative in the House?

To qualify for election to the House, one must be 21 years old, a U.S. citizen, a state resident for three years, and a resident of the county in which elected for one year immediately preceding the election. The residency requirement is practically universal since only New York has no such prerequisite.

Who are the members of Congress from Tennessee?

Current representatives. As of January 3, 2019. Tennessee’s 1st district: Phil Roe (R) (since 2009) Tennessee’s 2nd district: Tim Burchett (R) (since 2019) Tennessee’s 3rd district: Chuck Fleischmann (R) (since 2011)

How big is the House of Representatives in Tennessee?

The larger house, and arguably the more representative one, of Tennessee’s bicameral legislature is called the House of Representatives. It occupies the largest space in the State Capitol known as the House Chamber seen at left. The state is divided into 99 House districts from each of which one representative is elected.

Who was elected to the 5th district of Tennessee?

Elected in 1823. Switched parties. Re-elected in 1825 as a Jacksonian. Lost re-election to D. Crockett. Elected to finish Fulton’s term. Died. Elected in 1819. Redistricted to the 5th district .

How many senators and representatives does Tennessee have?

Tennessee is a U.S. state with two senators in the United States Senate and nine representatives in the United States House of Representatives.