How do backcountry bindings work?

Tech Bindings Small pins in the toe piece connect to holes (tech inserts) on your boots, securing them in place for uphill travel. When you’re touring, the pins allow your foot to pivot so you can stride in a more natural way and use a full range of motion.

How do ski touring bindings work?

The tour mode works by simply rotating the heel so the pins are no longer facing the boot, meaning the heel wont be held by the binding and you are free to walk. To change the heel from ski to tour you first push down the brake, then turn the heel 90degrees clockwise.

How do tech pin bindings work?

Tech bindings use metal pins that connect to pin-hole moldings in the toe of the boot, keeping the toe in place while climbing uphill without requiring the heel to be attached to the binding. By freeing up the heel, tech bindings are much lighter and more efficient when moving uphill.

Do you need special boots for AT bindings?

“Tech” ski touring bindings are sometimes referred to by the brand name Dynafit, although there are a number of brands that make them. They rely on a set of pins to hold the toe (and with a few exceptions, the heel) in place and require a special boot.

Are backcountry bindings safe?

Quickly winning the hearts of many backcountry enthusiasts are tech pin bindings that, similar to regular alpine ski bindings, hold full TÜV-certified safety-release values.

How safe are pin bindings?

Pin bindings, while efficient, do not clamp down or release a ski boot like an alpine binding, so they don’t ski as well and they are not as safe. And yet, most people who tour with pin bindings still choose to forego safety label recommendations and lock the toe piece before skiing their chosen line.

Can you use downhill boots for touring?

If you are a skier that is predominantly skiing downhill but wants the ability to hike/skin uphill on occasion, then these may be the boots for you. Often you can interchange the soles from Alpine to touring so they may work with both bindings.

What happens when a binding is released on a ski?

When the binding is released in a fall, the prongs flip down and catch the snow to help stop the ski from running away. If buying a wide ski, make sure your brakes are wide enough to fit across the waist of the ski.

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