Has anyone from Star Trek Next Generation died?

March 19, 1937 – July 14, 2020. Also on July 14th, Star Trek: The Next Generation guest star Maurice Roëves passed away at the age of 83. Star Trek fans will know Roëves from his role as the Romulan Commander in the Star Trek: The Next Generation season 6 episode, “The Chase”.

Who died in 2021?

Celebrities who died in 2021

  • Hank Aaron, 87. Hank Aaron. Focus on Sport/Getty.
  • Ed Asner, 91. Ed Asner. Todd Williamson/Getty.
  • Ned Beatty, 83. Ned Beatty. NBCU/Getty.
  • Sonny Chiba, 82. Sonny Chiba. Lucy Pemoni/Reuters.
  • Kevin Clark, 32. Kevin Clark.
  • Dustin Diamond, 44. Dustin Diamond.
  • DMX, 50. DMX.
  • Richard Donner, 91. Richard Donner.

What celebrities died in 2020 in order?

All the Celebrities We’ve Said Farewell to in 2020

  • Dawn Wells. The actress, who was well known for her role as Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, died on Dec.
  • Charley Pride. Charley Pride, a trailblazing country musician, died on Dec.
  • Dame Barbara Windsor.
  • Natalie Desselle-Reid.
  • David Prowse.
  • Alex Trebek.
  • Doug Supernaw.
  • King Von.

What happened to Molly on Deep Space Nine?

Molly was born in 2368, to Miles and Keiko O’Brien. She was delivered by Worf in the U.S.S. In 2374, Molly went on a picnic to the planet Golana, with her parents and younger brother, Kirayoshi. During this excursion, she fell through an abandoned time portal and ended up 300 years in the past.

Who are the Dead actors from Star Trek?

Dead Star Trek Actors/Actresses. 1 1. Leonard Nimoy. Actor | Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Leonard Simon Nimoy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Dora (Spinner) and Max Nimoy, who 2 2. Majel Barrett. 3 3. DeForest Kelley. 4 4. James Doohan. 5 5. Grace Lee Whitney.

What was the name of the actor that just died?

Actor and singer-songwriter George Gerdes, 72, died on Jan. 1 in a Glendale, California, hospital, after suffering a brain aneurysm a day earlier, his partner, Judy Johns, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Who was the actor that died on All my Children?

On June 10, actor Ray MacDonnell — who’s best known for his portrayal of Dr. Joe Martin on the ABC soap opera “All My Children,” on which he was an original cast member — died of natural causes at home in Chappaqua, New York, Michael Fairman TV reported. Ray was 93.

Who was the actor that died in a plane crash?

Wonderwall.com is taking a look back at the bold-faced names we lost in 2021, starting with this former actor… Joe Lara — who was best known for his starring turn in the late-’80s TV movie “Tarzan in Manhattan” and the ’90s series “Tarzan: The Epic Adventures” — died in a plane crash on May 29.