Does DPF Delete damage engine?

People also say that DPF can damage your engines, but in reality, most users who removed it experienced improvements in the engine’s horsepower, fuel economy, life, and responsiveness.

Are deleted 6.4 reliable?

Is a deleted 6.4 Powerstroke reliable? Yes! A deleted 6.4 Powerstroke engine is reliable. In fact, after deleting the emission system, you should notice an increase in power and gas mileage.

How much HP does a DPF Delete add?

In many cases, a proper DPF delete will result in gaining over 100-horsepower while improving your fuel mileage and the lifetime of your vehicle.

Can you get fined for a DPF Delete?

Here is the specific fine from the EPA if you are caught with DPF delete: Violators are subject to civil penalties up to $45,268 per non-compliant vehicle or engine, $4,527 per tampering event or sale of the defeat device, and $45,268 per day for reporting and recordkeeping violations.

Is DPF delete illegal?

While it’s not illegal to remove a car’s DPF, it is illegal to drive without it if one should be fitted. The process for removing a DPF is a relatively simple one that requires cutting a hole in a vehicle’s exhaust, removing the filter and welding the resultant hole shut.

Is DPF Delete worth it?

Removing the DPF itself will improve turbocharger efficiency (less back pressure) and of course there will be no more regens required. Long term, you won’t be facing DPF clogging problems which can be expensive post warranty.

Which year 6.4 Powerstroke is best?

The best year would be 2010. 2009-2010 trucks were the least problematic though. What kind of problems did the 6.4’s have?

Why is 6.4 Powerstroke so bad?

From its leaking radiators and up-pipes to the high-pressure fuel pump’s propensity to self-destruct, to cracked pistons, this engine is plagued by failures both big and small—and most rarely make it to the 200,000-mile mark before facing something catastrophic.

What happens if I remove my DPF?

While it’s not illegal to remove a car’s DPF, it is illegal to drive without it if one should be fitted. Removing the filter doesn’t affect the car’s performance, and some motorists even state they achieve better fuel economy and engine performance without one.

Can you do a DPF Delete without EGR delete?

In many cases, EGRs are typically less time-consuming to delete than DPFs, which require complete removal from the vehicle. Some custom diesel tunes can even disable the EGR without the need for physical removal. Once you have your EGR deleted or disabled, a DPF delete should be next on your to-do list.

Can you remap without removing DPF?

Without the ability to remove the DPF from the ECU, you’ll be no better than you started, with DPF sensor readings rendering your vehicle in limp home mode for eternity. Unless you’re a dab hand at ECU reprogramming, your only answer will be a remap which includes a DPF removal.

What happens if you get caught without a DPF?

If you are caught driving a car with no DPF installed, you will receive a four figure fine on the spot. If you try and pass an MOT test with no DPF installed, your car will fail, and many service centres will notify the DVLA.

Is the DPF and EGR delete 6.4 catastrophic failure?

At first and for a while actually i used to think 6.0’s were lemons. But once fixed right, they last. Never had any come back to the shop. 6.4’s make power but it just seems like they blow up whenever they want.. wow man, I feel terrible for your boss….thats alota cash to drop for a test drive with a freak sympathies.

What was the result of the DPF delete?

Boss took it for a test drive, came back about 30 minutes later, white smoke pouring out of exhaust, bad engine knock. Opened oil cap, tremendous blow by. Oil and coolant level still fine. So my boss is disgusted and says we are looking at a motor job next week.

Where is the diesel particulate filter located on a Ford truck?

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system is the large round unit located underneath the truck towards the front of the exhaust system. The DPF is the back part of that unit behind the row of bolts that connects it to the catalytic convertor in the front.

Is the Ford 6.4 PowerStroke diesel really that bad?

But is the Ford 6.4 Powerstroke diesel really that bad? The engine is in the same boat as the 6.0 version in that once some things are dealt with, it is a pretty solid performer. We will go through a few things to look for when buying one, or if you already own one some tips for taking care of it. One thing we see a lot is leaking radiators.