Does BYU still do EFY?

“Beginning in 2020, BYU will no longer administer traditional EFY sessions in order to assist the church in facilitating FSY (For the Strength of Youth). In the United States and Canada, FSY conferences will be provided by the church and held locally with the support of BYU. Beginning in 2020, BYU will no longer…

Who owns EFY?

EFY Group

Type Private
Key people S.P Chopra Chairman Rahul Chopra MD Ramesh Chopra Vice Chairman Poonam Kapoor Director South
Products Electronics Reseller, Online magazines, Print (magazine)s
Revenue ₨ 11,00,00,000 per annum
Number of employees 200

What does HEFY stand for LDS?

Humanitarian Experience for Youth (HEFY) is a nonprofit service organization that offers humanitarian expeditions to youth ages 16-19. Each summer, HEFY leaders take groups of about 19 youth, 2 young adult trip leaders, and 2 parent builders to exciting destinations.

Where can I find the locations of all the LDS temples?

Use an interactive map to locate Church meetinghouses worldwide. Sign in with your LDS Account to view your ward and stake information. View locations, schedules, and other information for all the Church’s temples. Traveling?

When is the 2019 EFY session at BYU?

Call the EFY Office to check for availability after that time, up until the Wednesday before the session begins. Non-BYU Sessions: Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. BYU Sessions: Friday, February 15, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. Dates may be subject to change.

Is the EFY camp going to be back?

Yes! We are excited to announce that EFY is back for the summer of 2021! With health protocols in place and conditions improving, EFY is planning to have safe, in-person camps once again. Click each link below to learn more about the exciting options, and watch the video that answers important questions about EFY and FSY.