Do naphthalene balls repel lizards?

Yes, apart from keeping away small insects and pests, naphthalene balls also have the quality of keeping away lizards. The peculiar smell of naphthalene balls will distract and ultimately repel lizards.

Are mothballs illegal in Georgia?

If you are concerned about mothball or naphthalene poisoning, contact the Georgia Poison Center 1-800-222-1222. What is the proper way to use naphthalene? Mothballs are a registered pesticide, and it is illegal to use them in locations that are not specified on the label.

What kind of animals do mothballs keep away?

4. Mothballs sometimes are used illegally to repel pests not listed on labels. Some of these “off-label pests” include: squirrels, skunks, deer, mice, rats, and snakes, among others animals. Use mothballs pesticide products to control the pests listed on the label only!

What to do if a lizard is in your room?

If you see a lizard in a room, clear away the furniture so that the lizard won’t just run underneath until you give up and go away. Move couches away from the walls, move benches and chairs, and move anything else that could be a great hiding place for a lizard.

How are naphthalene balls used to repel lizards?

How do naphthalene balls work? Naphthalene balls work via sublimation: they begin as a solid, then form into gas and release noxious fumes. These fumes are toxic and deter lizards and insects. In order for this repellent to work well, the balls must be kept in an enclosed environment where the lizards are trapped with the fumes.

What kind of lizards can you find in Georgia?

List of Lizards Can Be Found In Georgia. 1 List of Lizards Can Be Found In Georgia. North American worm lizard. 2 North American Worm Lizard. 3 Green Anole. 4 Brown Anole. 5 Mimic Glass Lizard.

What can I put in my bathroom to keep lizards away?

You can place naphthalene balls in the corners of your house including the entrance of the dwelling, and in the bathroom or kitchen sinks. These balls will interfere with the lizard’s sense of smell and make them go away. The peculiar smell of mothballs will distract and eventually repel lizards.

Can you put mothballs in plants to repel lizards?

The smell of the mothballs may repel lizards and snakes. Put the mothballs in an open container, if you do not want to scatter them on the ground. Put one to three mothballs in potted plants to repel lizards and other pests.