Do hot rails sound like humbuckers?

I would describe the hot rails as being loud and compressed like a humbucker with less low end and a fair share of high end like a single coil. For this reason they make good bridge replacement pickups for strats because they match the single coils in the neck and middle well (aside from being much louder!).

Are Hot Rail pickups good?

A good choice for getting some different tones out of your single-coil equipped guitar. Tonally, they’re not quite on par with a full size Humbucker, and as long as you go into this not expecting that, you won’t be all that disappointed.

Who Uses Hot Rail pickups?

They have two blades to help you get a big fat sound with full sustain and incredible pick attack. Hot Rails have been used by artists from Iron Maiden, Queens of the Stone Age, Rollins Band and more. We also have a version available for Telecaster which is used by John 5, Mike Stern and Joe Trohman.

Do hot rails sound like single coils?

Hot rails are just humbuckers that fit a standard Fender single coil slot. They are deeper where Gibson PAFs are wider. When you use different magnets and different wire in a different configuration they tend to sound…

Can you coil split hot rails?

Conclusion. Coil-splitting a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails with a toggle switch isn’t too challenging, and it can really benefit you with some new tones. If you have more than one of these pickups, you can split them all the same way, by adding a toggle switch and running a ground wire to the back of the volume pot.

Are hot rails active or passive?

Hot Rails® Strat. With all the feel and tone of a high output humbucker (SHR-1), this single coil sized humbucker is our most powerful passive pickup for Strat.

Can you coil split Hot Rails?

Are Hot Rails good for metal?

it can take whatever you’re trying to dish out. i also own an explorer and a Dean ML, and the Hot Rails is a much heavier pickup than the one’s in those guitars. lots of low end, fat distortion, great for thrash, heavy metal, and newer metal.

Are Oripure pickups any good?

The pickups are an amazing value and surprisingly, the cleans are really good too. When purchasing the 16.6k bridge pickup, I didn’t really think much of it to be honest as it was cheap and pretty much less than half of the price of a Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio I have currently in the guitar.

What are good humbucker pickups?

The Top 7 Humbucker Pickups:

  • EMG 85 Active Guitar Humbucker.
  • Gibson ’57 Classic Plus.
  • Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails Strat Bridge Pickup.
  • Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker.
  • DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion.
  • Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader.
  • EVH Frankenstein Humbucker.

What is a rail pickup?

A rail pickup uses a single rail in place of a row of six pole pieces in each coil of the pickup. With a “regular” pickup, each string has its own adjustable pole piece(s) that can be used to balance their volume. A rail can only be adjusted “globally”; bass side up or down and treble side up or down.

What kind of pickup is the Hot Rails?

The Hot Rails is a high output single-coil-size “rails” humbucker. Great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal and nu-metal.

Which is the best humbucker for rock and metal?

The dual blade construction gives you the ultimate string coverage, especially for notes that are bent on the highest frets. The Hot Rails bridge model single coil ‘rails’ sized humbucker delivers high output, loads of midrange harmonics, and an aggressive crunch that makes this a great bridge pickup for rock and metal.

Where can I buy an Artec Hot Rail blade humbucker?

If you have any questions, you can contact us on 01925 407056 or +44 (0)1925 407056 for customers outside the UK. You can also email us at [email protected]. Powerful stacked humbucker with dual Alnico V blades. A great pickup for hard rock players that sounds great in overdrive.

How does the Seymour Duncan hot rails pickup work?

The two thin blades with powerful coil windings give you the incredible sustain and a fat, full sound that’s needed for playing heavier rock music. This pickup responds to the subtlest finger movements. The Hot Rails is a high output single-coil-size “rails” humbucker.