Do all ignition coils need a ballast resistor?

And while ignition coil life may be compromised without a resistor, the additional secondary voltage (at the spark plug) is increased which generally improves power. So does your application require a ballast resistor? Quite simply, if your distributor has breaker points the answer is yes; if not, the answer is no.

What does an ignition ballast resistor do?

A ballast resistor is a device in your vehicle that limits the amount of current in an electric circuit. The ballast resistor is commonly found in older vehicles, because they did not have the benefit of circuit boards found in most of today’s vehicles.

How do you install an ignition coil resistor?

Strip the end of the positive wire from the ignition, and connect it to the positive end of the resistor. From the other terminal on the resistor a wire goes to the positive on the coil. Make sure to attach securely to the connecting terminal, by wrapping the wire around the post and tightening with a screwdriver.

Can you bypass a ballast resistor?

The duty of the ballast resistor is to limit voltage to the ignition coil. A quick and easy way to diagnose ballast resistor failure is to bypass it by running a temporary jumper wire from the battery to the coil.

Can I bypass ballast resistor?

What causes a ballast resistor to fail?

The resistance through the ballast resistor varies with current flow which varies with engine rpm. This naturally causes the resistor to expand and contract from heat. That’s why they eventually fail.

What kind of coils does MSD Blaster 2 use?

MSD Blaster 2 Ignition Coils The MSD Blaster 2 coil (MSD 8202) is engineered to significantly improve spark output over stock ignition coils, offering a maximum output of 45,000 volts. The coil, which pairs well with stock or MSD performance ignition systems, features special 100:1 windings for excellent voltage build-up.

Which is MSD Ignition canister coil for better spark output?

If you are looking to upgrade your stock coil, or want to compliment the performance of your MSD Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7, the Blaster Coil line is the right choice. Our Blaster Coils are designed for improved spark output!

How much does a MSD 8222 Blaster cost on Amazon?

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Where to Mount MSD 8222 high vibration ignition coil?

I mounted my MSD 8222 coil horizontally to utilize my original Magneti Marelli coil’s mounting posts on my Maserati inside fender wall. I did get the Chrome Coil Bracket, PN 8213 as the coil does not include a bracket.