Are the Delltones still together?

The Delltones performed for five decades; although their most successful recording years were in the 1960s. They were consistent live entertainers in Australia before disbanding in 2016.

Is Peewee Wilson still a live?

Ian “Peewee” Wilson founding member and the most recognisable Delltone, the tall bass man, has kept the band alive from the original vocal quartet days to the transformation to a five piece vocal band in the early 1980”s. Today the band has come full circle and has returned to their roots, to a four-part harmony band.

How old is Pee Wee Wilson?

81 years (February 25, 1940)
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What band was peewee in?

The DelltonesSince 1958
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When did the Delltones first release a song?

In 1962, their single “Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands” was in the top five on the Australian charts. The band was first signed to Lee Gordon ‘s record company, Lee Gordon Records Pty. Ltd. . In the mid-1980s he transformed the group from a vocal quartet, to a five-piece vocal band.

Who are the original members of the Delltones?

The original members of The Delltones. From left to right: Warren Lucas, Noel Widerberg, Ian ‘Peewee’ Wilson, Brian Perkins (1959) In 1958, Ian “Peewee” Wilson and Noel Widerberg, both lifesavers at the Bronte Surf Club, began singing together at the club socials.

What did the Delltones do for a living?

Its protagonists, metaphorically and sometimes literally, lived fast, died young and left a good-looking corpse. Those which did survive the initial, blistering impact of rock ‘n’ roll plainly possessed something that their audience was not content to let slip away, be it an irresistible sound, a presence, or a personality.

When did the Delltones switch to CBS label?

Disenchanted by Leedon’s failure to promote these singles to a larger national audience, the group accepted an offer to switch to the CBS (Coronet) label in June 1960.