Why are my picture messages sending as a link?

That is MMS+ When the file you attach is too big and MMS+ is turned on, files will be automatically saved in the cloud and shown as link and will expired in 7 days. If you want to turn it off make sure not check’ Full’option when sending pics from gallery and not choose “original video” when sending video.

How can I retrieve deleted messages from handcent?

Restore messages you backed up to Handcent Cloud: In the app, click on ‘Inbox’ on the top left, then click ‘More’ to go the feature page. (You can also hold and then swipe right on the conversation page )Click ‘Backup’. There you can restore messages to your new device after you can log in with your account.

How do I backup my handcent messages?

Manually Backup : Under ‘Backup Settings’, you can select what you want to back up (Message/ Privacy Box/ Shedule Task/ Settings). Click ‘Back up immediately’ to start, you will get ‘Back up Successfully’ message once finished.

How do you use the handcent app?

On your Android tablet: Open the Handcent Anywhere on your tablet, Make sure the Handcent Anywhere is enabled in your cellphone, select the phone you want to use on the web. Now you can start texting. Also, don’t forget to upload your contacts to our server, otherwise all your contacts will appear in number format.

How do I remove a shared link?

Open the menu button at the top right and choose Options. Tap Link sharing followed by Delete link.

How do I not share a link?

The easiest way to turn off link sharing is through the Samsung Messages app.

  1. Open a message.
  2. Tap the image icon.
  3. Tap the link share icon on the bottom right. The icon should say off now. If not, tap it again. To turn on link sharing, follow these exact instructions but leave it when the icon says “on.”

How do I retrieve text messages from backup?

How to restore your SMS messages with SMS Backup & Restore

  1. Launch SMS Backup & Restore from your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Tap Restore.
  3. Tap the checkboxes next to the backups you want to restore.
  4. Tap the arrow next to the SMS messages backups if you have multiple backups stored and want to restore a specific one.

How do I unhide private messages in GO SMS?

Please go to Inbox and hold and press on the screen ,scroll down to the bottom and you can get into Private Box. Once you get into Private box, please go to its settings window and unhide the private box.

What is blacklist on handcent?

Blacklisting is intended to hide messages from you that you’re not interested in, for example spam messages, people who are harassing you that you want to ignore, etc. To use blacklist, just long hold any contact in the conversation list you want to blacklist, and press ‘Blacklist’.

Which SMS app is best for Android?

These are the Best Text Messaging apps for Android: Google Messages, Chomp SMS, Pulse SMS, and more!

  • QKSMS.
  • SMS Organizer.
  • Textra SMS.
  • Handcent Next SMS – Best texting w/ MMS & stickers.
  • Simple SMS Messenger: SMS and MMS messaging app.
  • YAATA – SMS/MMS messaging.
  • SMS Backup & Restore.
  • SMS Backup & Restore Pro.

What is link sharing in Samsung?

Link Sharing is a file sharing app that is able to conveniently upload large files, high resolution pictures, videos & documents saved on your Samsung Galaxy device or Samsung PC to Samsung Cloud for a period of time, create links to those files and then easily send links to others.

Is link sharing app safe?

Yes, Dropbox shared links are secure. Anyone with the shared link can view and download the file you’ve shared. But, they won’t be able to see or access anything else in your Dropbox account, even the folder where your shared file is stored.