Who is the strongest in Code Lyoko?

Melee 4/5: Combining his two sabers and his martial arts techniques, Ulrich is almost the most powerful of the Lyoko Warriors in close combat.

Are Ulrich and Yumi together?

Live-Action actor: Ulrich Stern is a member of the Lyoko Warriors, a student at Kadic Academy, and one of the five main characters of Code Lyoko. His romantic love interest is Yumi, whom he falls in love with during the series and often finds himself struggling with his romantic feelings for her.

What happens in Code Lyoko Evolution?

After its supposed destruction in the original series, it was revealed in Code Lyoko: Evolution that X.A.N.A. survived by taking refuge in the Cortex, a sector generated by Professor Tyron’s supercomputer.

How did Code Lyoko end?

Sissi arrives at their table to insult them and secretly places a “mini GPS” chip on Ulrich’s jacket before walking away. Yumi then arrives at the table, in a noticeably cheerier mood compared to the others, and reveals that today is the day the group will shut down the Supercomputer, ending their adventures on Lyoko.

How old is Ulrich from Code Lyoko?

He is 11 years old in the pilot, 12-13 years old in season 1, and 14 years old in seasons 2-5. Ulrich Stern: Ulrich is one of the Lyoko warriors. Ulrich had causing constant visions of his past in his mind in the episode “Amnesia”.

Did they ever finish Code Lyoko?

Echoes is the thirtieth and final episode of Season 4 and the ninety-fifth episode and series finale of Code Lyoko. It is later followed by a sequel, which is a short reboot titled Code Lyoko Evolution (which is considered as the fifth season).

Who are the main characters in Code Lyoko?

Characters / Code Lyoko 1 The Lyoko Warriors. Badass Crew: Even when not on Lyoko, Ulrich and Yumi possess advanced martial art skills (due to already being trained in it before Lyoko), Odd is athletic 2 Kadic Academy. 3 Lyoko Warriors Families.

What are the tropes of Code Lyoko Evolution?

For tropes and descriptions that apply to Code Lyoko: Evolution, please refer to its character page.

Who is Anthea in Code Lyoko Evolution?

Mother of Aelita and widow of Franz. In the original series, Anthea was kidnapped by men in black suits when Aelita was very young and her fate was never known. In Code Lyoko: Evolution, she is revealed be alive and working alongside Professor Tyron, who had convinced her that her daughter was dead.

Who is Laura Gauthier in Code Lyoko?

Laura Gauthier. Laura Gauthier is a supporting character who appears in Code Lyoko: Evolution as the temporary seventh member of the Lyoko Warriors. She discovered Lyoko, the factory, and the supercomputer after following William to the factory, in which he didn’t know he was being followed.