Which Australian ACT spent the longest at No 1 on the ARIA singles chart?

Tones and I’s
With 10 weeks atop the chart, Tones and I’s song “Dance Monkey” broke the record for the most weeks at number one by an Australian artist, which was previously held by Justice Crew’s 2014 song “Que Sera”.

When did the ARIA charts start?

The ARIA Charts date back to the middle of 1983 but our database only goes back to mid-1988 when we started calculating the charts in-house.

What records work for Aria?

Classics like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Bjork’s Homogenic all produce mesmerizing graphics once scanned. While newer favorites, including Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die, Billie Eilish’s Don’t Smile At Me and The Weeknd’s Starboy are also on the app’s database.

What is an aria in music?

Aria. A self-contained piece for solo voice, usually accompanied by orchestra. In opera, arias mostly appear during a pause in dramatic action when a character is reflecting on their emotions. Most arias are lyrical, with a tune that can be hummed, and many arias include musical repetition.

What songs do Australians listen to?

Music has also played a huge part in shaping the Australian culture, and here’s a list the 10 most iconic Aussie songs.

  • True Blue – John Williamson.
  • Down Under – Men At Work.
  • Still Call Australia Home – Peter Allen.
  • Great Southern Land – Icehouse.
  • You’re The Voice – John Farnham.
  • Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House.

How many ARIA albums have been number one?

Every Number 1 album in ARIA Charts history. Every Number 1 single in ARIA Charts history. Plus we’ve joined TikTok! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What was the longest running number one song in Australia?

‘Fernando’ equalled the previous longest running number 1, The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’ in 1968 (Note: There was no standard national Australian chart until ARIA in 1983. Some charts quote different weeks at number 1 for both songs. These figures are from the generally accepted authoritative chart, the Kent Music Report).

What was Abba’s highest charting song in Australia?

On that day, in the singles chart ‘Ring Ring’ was at number 14 (on the way up), ‘SOS’ was at 16, and ‘Mamma Mia’ was at 29 (both on the way down); the ABBA album was at number 4 (on the way down), The Best Of ABBA at 12, Ring Ring at 40, and Waterloo at 76 (all three on the way up).

When to apply for Australian Recording Industry Association ( ARIA )?

Both the Federal and New South Wales Governments made announcements yesterday. The appointment is effective immediately. The appointment is effective 27 July. Applications are open until Sunday 4 July 2021. There is a lot of work to be done and it requires an industry-wide commitment.