Where is Lodge Thane of Fife Cowdenbeath?

Lodge Thane of Fife Cowdenbeath No781 is located in Stenhouse Street , Cowdenbeath just off the high street. The Lodge has a free car park straight opposite our premises making parking for visitors easy and accessible. The Lodge meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month between September and April.

Where was the castle of the Thanes of Fife?

The ancient Castle of the Thanes of Fife stood half a mile west of Culross Abbey, and not far from Saint Andrews. It was the fortress of Dunamarle, and was the place where MacBeth had slain Lady MacDuff and her helpless children. The Earl of Fife built another stronghold, MacDuff Castle, on a sea-cliff above the waters of the Forth.

Where did the Thane of Fife P2 locomotive go?

After running in the locomotive was sent to Scotland was allocated to Dundee Tay Bridge shed where it remained for its entire life as a P2. As a locomotive Thane of Fife was another variation on the P2 theme being almost identical to Lord President except that it was equipped with a single chimney.

When did Thane of Fife get the number 505?

Originally the A2/2 class had been allocated the number 990-995 in the renumbering program. Thane of Fife received 994 on the 25th April 1946 and was the only A2/2 to carry any of these planned numbers. This was swiftly changed to 505 on the 12th May 1946.

When was the first thane of Fife built?

The penultimate member of the original P2 class entered traffic on the 8th August 1936. No. 2005 Thane of Fife was like its sister locomotives built at Doncaster and gained the works No.1840 and was equipped with boiler 8799.

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