Where can I hunt turkey in California?

The foothills in the Sacramento Valley and the San Joaquin Valley contain mostly Rio Grandes. The mountains in the Mendocino, El Dorado, Stanislaus, and San Bernardino national forests and Siskiyou County are home to the Merriam’s. Eastern turkeys can be found along the North Coast and in the Cleveland National Forest.

When can you hunt turkeys in California?

California’s general spring turkey season opens statewide March 27 and runs through May 2 with additional hunting dates for young hunters and archery hunters.

How many turkeys are you allowed to kill in California?

Remember that you may not take more than one turkey per day during either season.

Is it illegal to kill a turkey in California?

The wild turkey population in California is healthy and growing, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Killing them during hunting season where it is safe and legal to help curb their population is allowed in the state with a hunting license, an upland bird stamp and additional limitations.

What do you need for turkey hunting in California?

All hunters must possess a draw issued permit, a valid California hunting license, and all adult hunters must possess a valid upland game bird validation. A permit will be required for the morning hunt.

Can you hunt turkey with a pellet gun in California?

Air Guns. Air guns are legal as a method of take for wild turkeys. Pellet size must be . 177 or larger.

Can you shoot turkey hens?

The varying laws from state to state regarding shooting hens may confuse turkey hunters, especially those who hunt in multiple states. Many hunters ask, “Is it even okay to shoot hens?” The answer, simply, is yes, where it is legal, of course. Where legal, bearded hens are fair game in the spring and fall seasons.

Can I kill a turkey in my yard?

Turkeys can become aggressive during the breeding season, occasionally even charging toward people. But Tira says even if turkeys are a nuisance, shooting them is illegal in urban areas. To hunt wild turkeys you’ll need a hunting license and upland game bird validation.

Can a BB gun kill a turkey?

You can use . 177 or larger in California for turkey now… Most are over 1,000fps. Shoot them in the brain to put them out.

How much does a turkey tag cost?

(a) The fee for a primary turkey tag is fourteen dollars for residents and forty dollars for nonresidents. A primary turkey tag will, on request, be issued to the purchaser of a youth small game license at no charge.

Will a pellet gun hurt a turkey?

Chances are you can’t legally carry a pellet gun for wild turkeys where you live — unless you hunt California. “Air rifles powered by compressed air or gas and used with any caliber of pellet, except that wild turkey may only be taken with a pellet that is at least 0.177 caliber.”

Can I hunt turkey with a 22?

This is why most of the states that do allow you to hunt turkey with a rifle, only allow small calibers such as a . 22 long rifle, . With a rifle, you want to aim for the neck or the head. This can be a difficult shot at long ranges so it is also effective to shoot turkeys in the lungs/liver and the heart.

Is there a wild turkey in California?

Wild turkeys are found in most counties in California, with the top five for fall harvest being Placer , El Dorado , Shasta , Sonoma and Tehama .

Are there wild turkeys in California?

California’s wild turkeys now occupy about 18 percent of our state, and are a highly valued upland game bird.

What do wild turkeys eat in California?

Like most other birds, wild turkeys have omnivorous diet. They will feed either on the ground or on small trees. Wild turkeys seem to eat nuts, acorns, chestnut, pinyon pine, hickory, berries, bearberry, seeds, juniper, insects, and roots.

What to do about wild turkeys?

Still, you can keep wild turkeys from feasting on your garden or shrubs by using a motion-activated scare device (such as a Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler) or by protecting plants and vegetables with hardware cloth. (Try to avoid the use of netting, which can entrap birds and other animals.)