Where can I buy a benchcrafted Workbench from?

And prior to the 1950’s, you could easily buy a “Classic” workbench from any number of French supply houses. Benchcrafted continues the tradition by offering this excellent workbench, built in Iowa with American hardwoods to the highest standards.

Where can I get a bench made in Iowa?

Benches supplied in-the-white, ready to use. Benches can be picked up at our shop in eastern Iowa or delivered via white glove. PLEASE NOTE: White glove delivery will not show in cart, but will be billed after purchase. Benches come assembled and ready to use right off the truck, no unpacking required.

How big is a Jays custom creations Workbench?

Included is three different vise options for you to choose from or add all three like me. The workbench is roughly 6′ long, 2′ wide, and features a 4″+ thick top, a strong, half lap constructed base, through mortise and tenons to connect the workbench base to the top, and a four drawer cabinet integrated into the base.

How big is an 84 ” classic bench?

The 84″ Classic will handle the entire range of typical furniture work. For everything but the largest case pieces or tables, we offer our 60″, which also serves well in an apartment or extra room in the house. Aside from length, both benches are identical.

What do bench dogs do on a workbench?

Even the metal vise features heavy wooden jaws, so it has a wide clamping surface and holds a pair of bench dogs. This clamping station is a great multitasker. One side of the top hosts an array of hold-downs.

What makes a good workbench for a woodsmith?

Combining traditional joinery and modern materials is the key. This workbench has it all — classic looks, plenty of storage, plus a top and vises able to handle the most demanding tasks. Turn a single sheet of plywood and a few pieces of hardware into a portable workbench that “knocks down” for compact storage.