What time do trains start in Singapore?

5.30am to around midnight
Train Operation Hours and Frequency 5.30am to around midnight daily. Operating hours are usually extended during festive periods. You may check the SMRT and SBS Transit websites for changes in operating hours, or download the MyTransport app (iOS | Android).

What time is the first MRT train?

First/Last train service terminating at NS1 EW24 Jurong East

First Train Last Train
Monday – Thursday 05:35 00:37
Friday 05:35 00:37
Saturday 05:35 00:37
Sunday 05:58 00:37

What time is the first train for downtown line?

Downtown Line – (DT17) Downtown
Destination First Train
Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays
DT1 Bukit Panjang 6:13am 6:31am
DT35 Expo 6:04am 6:24am

What time is the first train from Punggol?

First / Last Train Timings

North East Line – (NE17) Punggol
Destination First Train
Destination Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays
West Loop Outer via PW7 Soo Teck (Platform 1 | Route A) 5:20am 5:40am
West Loop Inner via PW1 Sam Kee (Platform 2 | Route B) 5:18am 5:38am

Is Circle Line yellow or orange?

The Circle Line is the fourth line to be introduced into the MRT system and is coloured orange on the system map.

Is downtown line open?

The DTL is the fifth MRT line on the network to be opened and the third line to be entirely underground….Downtown MRT line.

Downtown Line
Planned opening 2024 (Stage 3e) 2025 (Hume) mid-2030s (Stage 2 extension)
Opened 22 December 2013 (Stage 1) 27 December 2015 (Stage 2) 21 October 2017 (Stage 3)

How long is SMRT train?

216 km
Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)

Train length 3–8 carriages
Headway Peak: 1–3 minutes Off-peak: 5 minutes
System length 216 km (134 mi)

Is SMRT under government?

SMRT Corporation is a multi-modal public transport operator in Singapore operating bus and rail services. A subsidiary of the Government of Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, it was established on 6 August 1987 and listed on the Singapore Exchange from 26 July 2000 until 31 October 2016.

Is the Circle Line a circle?

The Circle line never has been nor is ever likely to be London’s best-loved Underground route. But at least until yesterday, it was approximately circular. The old circle has been broken at Edgware Road, in west London, and stretched all the way to Hammersmith.

Is Circle Line driverless?

It is the second line in Singapore to be completely automated and driverless and is among the world’s longest driverless rapid transit lines. It is also the first medium capacity line in Singapore, with each Circle Line train, the C830 and C830C, having a three-car configuration.

Which is the First Circle Line in Singapore?

CCL is Singapore’s first medium-capacity line and will become a complete circle in 2025 with the opening of CCL6, which comprises three stations connecting HarbourFront to Marina Bay. It is Singapore’s second train line after the North East Line to be completely automated and driverless.

When did Circle Line Stage 1 and 2 open?

The station was reduced two-thirds of its original size and was subsequently opened on 17 April 2010 with the rest of the Circle Line stage 1 & 2 stations. Due to the Nicoll Highway collapse in 2004, the opening of the line was delayed by a few years.

Where is the Circle Line at Marina Bay?

Located in a public park, Marina Bay MRT station is an integral part of the Marina Bay development and an interchange station for the North-South and Circle lines. The station’s design integrates it into the park through landscaping.

Where are the stations on the Circle Line?

It allows commuters to transfer to the East-West Line at Paya Lebar and provides convenient access to the Marina centre of Singapore. The 9.8km stage 4 comprises seven stations from Caldecott to Kent Ridge, while the 6.8km stage 5 comprises five stations from Haw Par Villa to HarbourFront.