What is the region of rejection?

The rejection region is the interval, measured in the sampling distribution of the statistic under study, that leads to rejection of the null hypothesis H 0 in a hypothesis test.

What statement is true about the rejection region?

The rejection region occurs in the tails of the sampling distribution of the test statistic. OC. With a true null hypothesis, the test statistic falls into the rejection region.

Which is the rejection or critical region?

A critical region, also known as the rejection region, is a set of values for the test statistic for which the null hypothesis is rejected. i.e. if the observed test statistic is in the critical region then we reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis.

How do you use rejection region?

For example, if you wanted to be 95% confident that your results are significant, you would choose a 5% alpha level (100% – 95%). That 5% level is the rejection region. For a one tailed test, the 5% would be in one tail. For a two tailed test, the rejection region would be in two tails.

What does the rejection region depend on?

What Does the Rejection Region Depend on? The area that is cut-off actually depends on the significance level. Say the level of significance, α, is 0.05. Then we have α divided by 2, or 0.025 on the left side and 0.025 on the right side.

What is the region of non rejection?

(2) Definition: The nonrejection region is the set, or range, of values of the test statistic for which the null hypothesis H0 is not rejected, or retained.

What is the importance of identifying the acceptance and rejection region?

Results from a statistical tests will fall into one of two regions: the rejection region— which will lead you to reject the null hypothesis, or the acceptance region, where you provisionally accept the null hypothesis.

Is p-value the rejection region?

The p-value is a tool to check if the test statistic is in the rejection region. It is also a measure of the evidence for rejecting H0.

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