What is the quality of Ibanez guitars?

They are easy to play, comfortable, have excellent build quality and construction, including desirable features. Ibanez guitars also offer many fantastic entry-level guitars that are affordable yet high quality aimed at the beginner market.

What makes Ibanez special?

Another reason why Ibanez are so well-known, as we’ve already alluded to, is because of their massive instrument range. While their electric guitars are the most popular in terms of demand, Ibanez also manufactures basses and acoustic guitars, as well as compact pedals and even amplifiers.

Do Ibanez guitars sound good?

Ibanez is an excellent guitar brand with a strong reputation in the industry. They make quality guitars and basses for beginners, high-end instruments for pro players, and everything in between. Along the way, they have become one of the best guitar brands for metal and hard rock.

Who plays an Ibanez guitar?


  • LB. Lari Basilio.
  • JBM. Jake Bowen.
  • JBBM. JB Brubaker.
  • MAR. Mario Camarena.
  • PGM/FRM. Paul Gilbert.
  • M8M. Mårten Hagström.
  • EH. Erick Hansel.
  • THBB. Tim Henson.

Are Ibanez RG good guitars?

The Ibanez RG series is a big reason Ibanez has ruled the metal world for decades. It’s a guitar that holds its own for extreme metal but is also a good choice for shred, hard rock, thrash, and old-school metal. Ibanez RG models of note: RG450: A solid choice for intermediate rock guitarists.

Why do metal guitarists use Ibanez?

They’re geared towards shredders/metal players. The pickups they have are tailored towards a high gain/metal sound and they usually have a Floyd Rose style trem, which are common in metal/shred.

When was the first Ibanez electric guitar made?

The catalogs scanned and linked below represent output from the year 1971 through the present. During the 1970’s and most of the 1980’s, Ibanez guitars were made almost exclusively in Japan, and the majority of electric models were made at the Fujigen Gakki manufacturing plant. For a brief history of Ibanez guitars, see below the catalogs. 1971

What are the features of an Ibanez guitar?

Regardless of price, Ibanez always strives to offer the absolute best sound, style, and playability in its class. The Standard series incorporates all the staples the Ibanez brand is famous for, such as fast necks, floating trems, and high-octane distortion in a package that is available and accessible to most players.

Who is the owner of the Ibanez brand?

Ibanez brand guitars are manufactured at a variety of factories in several countries under contract from the brand’s owner, Hoshino Gakki Group. The catalogs scanned and linked below represent output from the year 1971 through the present.

What does J custom stand for in Ibanez guitars?

The j.custom designation represents every advance in design and technology Ibanez has developed over the decades: the best woods, neck, fret treatments, in-demand pickup, and top-quality hardware. Each is masterfully crafted to the highest standards to ensure unparalleled sound, maximum playability and exquisite beauty.