What is the iron carbon phase diagram?

The Fe – C diagram (also called the iron – carbon phase or equilibrium diagram) is a graphic representation of the respective microstructure states of the alloy iron – carbon (Fe-C) depending on temperature and carbon content. To explain this diagram, an introduction about metal structures and pure iron must be done.

What is iron carbon equilibrium diagram?

The part of iron-carbon alloy system diagram between pure iron and an interstitial compound, iron carbide (Fe3C), containing 6.67 percent carbon by weight is called iron-iron carbide equilibrium diagram. In fact, the compound iron carbide decomposes into iron and carbon (graphite).

What is the value of eutectic temperature in iron carbon diagram?

Phases in Fe–Fe3C Phase Diagram ➢ γ-austenite – solid solution of C in FCC Fe. The maximum solubility of C is 2.14 wt %. Transforms to BCC δ-ferrite at 1395 °C. Is not stable below the eutectic temperature (727 ° C) unless cooled rapidly.

What is the use of iron-carbon diagram?

The iron-carbon phase diagram is widely used to understand the different phases of steel and cast iron. Both steel and cast iron are a mix of iron and carbon. Also, both alloys contain a small amount of trace elements.

What is use of iron carbon diagram?

What are the three forms of iron?

Iron can exist in several forms according to their percentage purity, intended use or carbon content. There are basically three types of iron and they are:- Pig iron, Cast iron and wrought iron.

What is the value of A1 in iron-carbon diagram?

911°C: A3 point, non-magnetic α iron. 769°C: A2 point, ferromagnetic α iron. 723°C: A1 point, pearlite point (eutectoid transformation, eutectoid temperature)

What is the strongest cast iron?

Gray iron
Gray iron is also easier to machine than other cast irons, and its wear resistance properties make it one of the highest volume cast iron products.

What kind of iron is an iron carbon diagram made of?

1. IRON IRON-CARBON DIAGRAM 2. IRON IRON-CARBON DIAGRAM Eutectic eutectoid Pearlite and Cementine Austenite Ferrite Pearlite and Carbide Pearlite Steel Cast iron 3.

What are the mechanical properties of iron carbon?

Mechanical properties of iron-carbon alloys (iron and steels) depend on their microstructure, that is, how the different phases are mixed. The iron –carbon phase diagram in Fig 2 actually shows two diagrams namely (i) the stable iron-graphite diagram (red lines), (ii) and the metastable Fe-Fe3C diagram.

How is the phase of iron carbon calculated?

The graph is quite complex but since we are limiting our exploration to Fe3C, we will only be focusing up to 6.67 weight percent of carbon. This iron carbon phase diagram is plotted with the carbon concentrations by weight on the X-axis and the temperature scale on the Y-axis.

What is the percentage of carbon in iron?

The weight percentage scale on the X-axis of the iron carbon phase diagram goes from 0% up to 6.67% Carbon. Up to a maximum carbon content of 0.008% weight of Carbon, the metal is simply called iron or pure iron. It exists in the α-ferrite form at room temperature. From 0.008% up to 2.14% carbon content, the iron carbon alloy is called steel.