What is the diameter of a T5 lamp in inches?

T5 lamps are fluorescent lamps that are 5/8″ of an inch in diameter.

What size is a T5 tube?

T5 tubes measure 16mm in diameter.

How long is a T5 bulb?

Approximate Light Bulb Length: 4 ft. Approximate Light Bulb Length: 46 in.

What is a T5 LED light?

The “T” in T5 indicates the bulb is tubular shaped, while the “5” denotes that it is five eighths of an inch in diameter. This combined with the T5 bulb’s ability to provide more light (lumen) than the other bulbs means long-term cost savings on your commercial and residential projects.

How do I know what size fluorescent tube I need?

As previously stated, you can establish the length of a fluorescent tube by measuring the total distance between the two end pins. The lengths of these tubes are commonly indicated by the wattage. The smallest fluorescent tube is the T2 and it has a length of between 250mm and 760mm.

Where do you usually use a T5 fluorescent?

T5 luminaires are usually used in new construction projects. Because T5 lamps have smaller diameters, shorter lengths, and higher luminances than T8 and T12 lamps, they are more suitable for indirect lighting, direct/indirect lighting, direct lighting for high-bay applications, and wall-washing applications.

What is the difference between T4 and T5 lights?

There are many types of fluorescent lights available but the main difference between the T4 and T5 lights are their efficiency or their watt consumption and lumen output, as well as the thickness of the tubes. The T4 has a half-inch diameter, while the T5 is five-eighths of an inch.

How do I know what size fluorescent bulb I need?

In order to identify which size you need, the easiest way to tell is to read the label near the base of the tube. If this information is no longer legible, you can measure the bulb’s diameter. Fluorescent tubes are measured in eighths of an inch.

What is better LED or T5?

LEDs also offer increased light efficiency when dimmed as opposed to T5 fixtures and usually produce more lumens per watt in general, which decreases energy usage and thus, energy costs. A lower wattage of LED luminaire will usually be just as efficient, sometimes more, as a higher wattage T5 lamp.

How big is a T5 fluorescent tube light?

Compare Similar Fluorescent Tube Lights current product Ratings (183) (228) (286) (187) Light Bulb Shape Code T5 T5 T12 T8 Approximate Light Bulb Length 12 in. 21 in. 2 ft. 2 ft. Number of Bulbs Included 1 1 1 1

What are the different sizes of fluorescent tubes?

Fluorescent Tube Sizes Guide. There are 4 different fluorescent tube sizes; T4, T5, T8, and T12. The T stands for tubular and the numbers are an index for the diameter (in inches) of the tube light.

How is the f8t5 linear fluorescent tube rated?

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.6 Overall, average rating value is 4.6 of 5. 4.6 Effectiveness, average rating value is 4.6 of 5. 4.7 Value, average rating value is 4.7 of 5. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars.

Is the Eiko T5 linear fluorescent tube cool?

This Eiko T5 linear fluorescent tube features a cool white color temperature that is ideal for offices and work-spaces. Lighting can be confusing! Expert Help – Call Now This Eiko T5 linear fluorescent tube features a cool white color temperature that is ideal for offices and work-spaces.