What is running allowance in railway?

Running Allowance

Category Grade Pay Rates of Kilometreage Allowance (per 100 Kms.) in Rs.
FM-1, Asstt.Loco Pilot ( Diesel/Elec), Sr.Second Fireman 1900 151.25 97.50 (Shunting)
Second Fireman 1800 127.50 76.25 (Shunting)
Mail/Express Guard 4200 192.50

What is kilometrage allowance?

When Running Staff are employed in non-running duties they will be entitled for Allowance in lieu of kilometrage as indicated below for every calendar day: i) At Headquarters – 30% of Basic Pay. ii) Outstation – Allowance in lieu of kilometrage at the rate of 160 km per calendar day.

How is leave salary calculated in railways?

Amount is calculated as (Pay + DA)/30 * LAP at credit(subject to maximum). Consequent to 6 th CPC recommendations both LAP and LHAP shall be considered for encashment subject to a maximum limit of 300 days.

What is officiating allowance?

It is granted to running staff of Indian Railways when put to officiate in other “running” or “stationery” posts. The present rates are: When running staff are put to officiate in a “running post” For 30 days or less.

Which group is loco pilot?

Assistant Loco Pilots are hired as Group ‘C’ personnel through an exam conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB). Becoming a Loco Pilot in the Indian Railways is a very interesting career choice as it is a government job.

What is salary of station master?

Railway Station Master Salary

Railway Station Master Salary Details
Salary Pay-Band Rs.5200 to 20,200/-
Basic Pay Rs.36,500/-
Grade Pay Rs.2800/-
In-hand Salary Rs.41,190

How many days of lap per year can be credited to a school staff?

10 days
School staff are eligible for 10 days of LAP in a year which will be credited in advance in two installments of 5 days each on 1st of January and July every year. During the period of LAP normal salary is admissible.

How many types of passes are issued in railway?

Metal Passes – Gold, Silver & Bronze. Kit Pass. Settlement Pass.

How much do you get paid for running allowance?

The President is pleased to decide that the pay element in Running Allowance for running staff would be 30% of the basic pay under the Railway Services ( Revised Pay) Rules,2008 for computation of the specified benefits excluding retirement benefits.

Is there a running allowance for railway staff?

The matter of reckoning the pay element in Running Allowance for computation of retirement and other specified benefits of the running staff in the Railway Services ( Revised Pay) Rules 2008 has been considered by Railway Board in consultation with the two recognized Federations, viz.

How is Dearness Allowance paid to running staff?

The running staff shall be paid Dearness Allowance and Additional Dearness Allowance at the appropriate rates sanctioned by the Government from time to time on their basic pay plus the pay element of running allowance i.e. 30% of basic pay. 6. Types of allowances admissible to running staff:-

When did the running allowance rules come into force?

Running Allowance Rules are called “The Rules for the payment of Running and other Allowances to the running staff on the Railways” coming to force with effect from 1-8-1981. 902. 2.