What is needed to make a 350 into a 383 stroker?

A 383 stroker is basically built by installing the crank out of a 400 small block into the 350 block, the main bearing journals have to be machined to the 350 size. The most economical way to do this is to use the 400 rods, and the 350 pistons.

Why do they call it a stroker motor?

As its name implies, a stroker is where we increase engine displacement by increasing piston stroke. When we increase stroke, we take the piston deeper in the cylinder bore, which increases displacement. The longer the stroke, the greater the fuel/air charge. Remember, Ford stroked the 289 0.013 inch to achieve 302 ci.

Where to get 383 stroker kit for SBC?

Start your SBC rebuild off with a solid foundation, Summit Racing offers many 383 stroker kit rotating assemblies to meet your engine build specifications. Select your preferred location and we’ll note which parts are ready to be picked up TODAY.

How tall is the block on a Chevy stroker engine?

A quick deck clearance calculation for any piston and rod combo is block deck height – ½ stroke – piston compression height – rod length. So with a small-block deck height of 9.025, if we have a stroke of 4.00 inches, a compression height of 1.150 inches, and a rod length of 5.850 inches then: (4.00 /2) + 1.150 + 5.850 = 9.00 inches.

Where can I buy a small block engine?

We carry stroker kits and engine rotating assemblies for a large array of applications, including first-generation small block Chevy, Chevy 383 stroker, GM LS1/LS2/LSX, Ford 302 and 4.6L, Ford 347 stroker, small and big block Mopar, and many more. Shop now! Select your preferred location and we’ll note which parts are ready to be picked up TODAY.

Do you need a rotating Stroker assembly kit?

Maximize your budget with a standard, all-in-one rotating assembly or maximize displacement with a cubic inch-enhancing stroker kit.