What is honey senpai bunny name?

Usa-chan (aka Ousi-chan or Bun-Bun) is a pink plush rabbit and one of Honey’s possessions.

Is USA-Chan a boy or girl?

Usa-chan (aka Ousi-chan or Bun-Bun) is a pink plush rabbit and one of Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka’s possessions. It was hand-made by Honey’s deceased grandmother, and although it’s just a toy, Honey cares for it as if it is alive, talking to it and having it join him for his regular cake indulgences.

Does Kyoya like Tamaki?

His love may or may not be the romantic sort, but they certainly do act like a married couple at times. Basically, Kyoya being in love with Tamaki explains all of the the abnormal behavior around him, as well as how Kyoya is ‘only’ really close with Tamaki.

Who is Honey Senpai’s crush?

Reiko Kanazuki
Reiko Kanazuki is a Class 1-D student at Ouran Academy, and a member of the Black Magic Club. She has a crush on Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka and says that he stole her “soul” rather than her heart.

Who married Reiko Kanazuki?

In April 2011, a short story special chapter in LaLa Magazine reveals that Reiko and Honey eventually get married. She’s the second member of the Black Magic Club to be named, after Honey.

How did the honey bunny get its name?

Well, first things first, Honey Bunny is a term for endearment. I have always been drawn to bunnies, they are just so cute!! I love baking and seeing the joy it brings. So I combined two of my favorite things and Honey Bunny was born.

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