What is DOTAREM used for?

DOTAREM is a gadolinium-based contrast agent indicated for intravenous use with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in brain (intracranial), spine and associated tissues in adult and pediatric patients (including term neonates) to detect and visualize areas with disruption of the blood brain barrier (BBB) and/or abnormal …

Is DOTAREM safer than gadolinium?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Dotarem as safe for use in MRI scans. However, patients with severe kidney disease or gadolinium contrast allergy should consult with their radiologist before receiving gadolinium contrast.

What is DOTAREM made of?

DOTAREM contains gadoteric acid, which is made from gadolinium oxide (a magnetic agent) and DOTA, which binds with the gadolinium oxide to make a contrast agent to help diagnosis in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). This is injected into your veins just before a MRI examination.

How is DOTAREM excreted?

Dotarem® is cleared from the body by urinary excretion. The half-life of gadoteric acid is about 1.4 hours in females, 2 hours in males, 5.1 hours in moderate renal impairment, and 13.9 hours in severe renal impairment.

What is gadolinium toxicity?

Toxicity is a side effect of GBCAs that can occur within hours after undergoing an MRI scan with one of these contrast agents. Or it can manifest years later in people who have gadolinium buildup in their bodies. Symptoms vary from person to person.

Is MRI contrast safe in pregnancy?

The use of gadolinium contrast with MRI should be limited; it may be used as a contrast agent in a pregnant woman only if it significantly improves diagnostic performance and is expected to improve fetal or maternal outcome. Breastfeeding should not be interrupted after gadolinium administration.

How much does Dotarem cost?

The cost for Dotarem intravenous solution (376.9 mg/mL (0.5 mmol/mL)) is around $304 for a supply of 50 milliliters, depending on the pharmacy you visit. Prices are for cash paying customers only and are not valid with insurance plans.

How is Dotarem used in the medical field?

Dotarem (gadoterate meglumine) is a contrast agent that has magnetic properties. It is used in combination with magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) to allow blood vessels, organs, and other non-bony tissues to be seen more clearly on the MRI.

Are there any side effects to taking Dotarem?

The most common side effects of Dotarem include: Tell the doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. These are not all the possible side effects of Dotarem. For more information, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

How much gadoterate is in a Dotarem injection?

DOTAREM 0.5 mmol/mL is a sterile, clear, colorless to yellow, aqueous solution for intravenous injection containing 376.9 mg/mL gadoterate meglumine and is available in vials and pre-filled syringes. DOTAREM Injection is a clear, colorless to yellow solution containing 0.5 mmol/mL of gadoterate meglumine.

When did Dotarem come out in the US?

It was launched in the French market in 1989 and was FDA approved in the US in March, 2013. Dotarem is the seventh FDA approved GBCA for use in central nervous system (CNS) MRI.