What is better than Blinkist?

The best alternative is StoryShots FREE Book Summaries, which is free. Other great apps like Blinkist are bookbhook (Free), Four Minute Books (Freemium), Joosr (Freemium) and 12min APP (Freemium).

Is the Blinkist app worth it?

With over 4,000 summaries in its library and a price of only $0.18/day, Blinkist outshines most competitors. They have more content than most free summary sites and are cheaper than all other paid services. But even judged on its own, it’s an investment in yourself you won’t regret.

What is the best app for reading book summaries?

Book summary apps that can help you crush your reading list

  • Credit: booknotes. BookNotes Book Summaries: Lifetime Subscription — $24.65.
  • Credit: SumizeIt. SumizeIt Book Summaries: Lifetime Membership — $16.15.
  • Credit: getAbstract. getAbstract Book Summaries Starter Plan: 3-Year Subscription — $84.99.
  • Credit: 12min.

How can I read a Blinkist for free?

Click the Get Blinkist button. This will redirect you to the Blinkist website with an auto-generated voucher code. Simply click Apply Code, create an account then BOOM! Free book summaries for 6 months!

Is Blinkist the best?

Summary: Blinkist is probably the best app for book summaries on the market. The outlines on offer are easy to read and quick to implement. If you intend on using the platform regularly (at least once or twice a month), you’ll make your money back.

Who is Blinkist owned by?

Holger Seim
It was founded in 2012 and has 18 million users as of 2021….Blinkist.

Type Private company
Founded August 2012, 21
Founder Holger Seim Niklas Jansen Sebastian Klein Tobias Balling
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Products Blinkist App

What app summarizes a book?

Blinkist is an app that aims to solve a problem I thought only I had: It summarizes thick nonfiction books into digestible summaries that take 15 minutes to read, as opposed to days or weeks.

Is there a free app similar to Blinkist?

QuickRead (Web, Android, iOS): Best Free Alternative to Blinkist. QuickRead is the best free alternative to Blinkist, one of the must-have apps for book lovers. It’s a treasure trove of free book summaries available to listen to on an app or online, or read as text.

What is the point of Blinkist?

Blinkist is a premium book summary service helping you digest the key insights of books in 15 minutes. Its main features are the simplistic Blinkist reader, which makes reading summaries easy, audio versions for most of their summaries, and highlighting and sharing what you learn.

Can you listen to full books on Blinkist?

Once you sign up, you have instant access to the entire range of titles, and you can choose to read or listen to the “blinks.” Each book is generally broken down into 10–13 pages (blinks) that are designed to neatly and succinctly summarize the key points of the book.

What app can condense books?

Blinkist is an educational app that condenses the key ideas of popular nonfiction books and podcasts into short 15-minute audio clips or reading summaries, so you can learn more in less time.

Which is better the getAbstract or the Blinkist?

GetAbstract gives a list of things “you will learn” and “Take-Aways” at the top, so you get a sense of the book as a whole before diving into the full summary. Blockquotes from the book are interwoven through the summaries, giving us a better look at the author’s own words than the Blinkist summaries do.

Is there an app for the Blinkist app?

Blinkist has an online version, along with a great app. The developers of the Blinkist app check out the best-selling and most popular books in several niches. They also talk to industry specialists and read reviews until they find the right picks to add their database.

Which is the best book alternative to Blinklist?

Not exactly a Blinklist alternative as it appears they have some form tie-up with Blinkist, with a special Blinkist discount offer. You can look at Four Minute Books as a kind of gateway to Blinkist offering even more condensed summaries. 7. StoryShots StoryShot is easily one of the best Blinklist alternatives in the market right now.

How much does it cost to use Blinklist?

It enabled busy professionals to extract key value out of dozens of useful and inspiring titles. Blinkist isn’t free of issues though. For starters, pricing is inflexible and though there’s a discounted yearly plan, users who want more flexibility will have to shell out nearly $10 monthly.