What is an addled person?

To be addled is to be fuzzy in the head, a little foggy and confused. When you’re addled, you’re having trouble thinking. If your favorite movie star walks by and says hello, you might be too addled to say hi back. Sometimes it’s hard to think and you feel slow and befuddled.

What does it mean to addle?

: to throw into confusion : confound. intransitive verb. 1 : to become rotten : spoil. 2 : to become confused. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About addle.

What does addle headed mean?

: eccentrically or annoyingly confused, silly, or stupid : addlepated As a matter of fact, it was a silly thing to do.

Is there a word addle?

Addle is a verb meaning to confuse. Addle is a Middle English word coming from the Old English adela, meaning “liquid filth.” It’s related to the German adel, meaning “mire or puddle.” In the thirteenth century, addle was used to refer to rotten eggs. Now it’s used to describe a confused mind.

Is addled a bad word?

(of eggs) Bad, rotten; inviable, containing a dead embryo.

Can you eat addled eggs?

Eggs being addled are yolky inside, much like the chicken eggs that people eat.

What is addled drug?

drug-addled (comparative more drug-addled, superlative most drug-addled) (of a person) mentally mixed-up or confused due to the usage of mind-bending drugs.

Is it riddled or ridden?

Ridden, after all, means “burdened, oppressed, harassed by”: debt-ridden, hag-ridden, conscience-ridden. A riddle is a sieve, so riddled is the word for something (or someone) full of holes; “I was to be made a riddle of if I attempted to escape,” says the OED’s 1843 citation.

Is it illegal to oil goose eggs?

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service no longer requires special permits to addle eggs in the contiguous United States, but one must register with the Service first (Resident Canada Goose Nest and Egg Registration Site). …

Are turkey eggs?

Just like chickens, turkeys lay eggs. But when it comes to the grocery store and restaurant menus, turkey eggs are conspicuously absent. Although the first thought may be that they aren’t edible, the lack of these eggs in the market is due to a combination of other factors.

What is the meaning of the word Addle?

English Language Learners Definition of addle : to make (someone’s mind or brain) unable to think clearly See the full definition for addle in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Who is the actor in the movie Addle?

Erich von Stroheim stars in this eerie low-budget thriller, as a vaudeville marksman whose aim is addled by lust for his young assistant (Mary Beth Hughes).

What does it mean when something Addles someone’s brain?

If something addles someone’s mind or brain, they become confused and unable to think properly. I suppose the shock had addled his poor old brain. [VERB noun]

Is there such a thing as an addled ankle?

— Stephanie Zacharek, Time, 31 Mar. 2021 The dual-density foam compound is seriously peppy yet still somehow forgiving enough for my addled ankle tendons. — The Editors, Outside Online, 4 Mar. 2021