What is a quote from Shrek?

Shrek: If that was me, you’d be dead. Shrek: sometimes, things are more than they appear. Shrek: You know Donkey, sometimes things are more than they appear.

What is Shrek’s motivation?

Call to Adventure – Shrek learns that all of the fairy tale characters have been banished to his swamp. In order to reverse this, he must go to Lord Farquaad and strike up a deal with him. Shrek’s ultimate motivation is the return to his normal life.

What does Shrek say to donkey?

Shrek : [to Donkey] WHY are you following me? Donkey : Oh, I’ll tell you why. Donkey : ‘Cause I’m all alone / There’s no one here beside me / My problems have all gone / There’s no one to deride me! / But ya gotta have friends…

Is Shrek Disney?

Shrek is a Dreamworks Animation Studios production Dreamworks premiered their animated movie Shrek in 2001, sharing the story of one journey of self-discovery, bravery, love, and friendship. As a result, some fans are wondering how they can watch the original film that inspired the franchise.

Who is human Shrek based on?

Maurice Tillet
The real-life inspiration for the animated character Shrek might just be a man nicknamed “The French Angel.” Known formally as Maurice Tillet, a Russian-born Frenchman, the man rose to prominence as a wrestling star in the 1930s and ’40s.

Why is Shrek not on Disney?

Shrek Is Not on Disney Plus Because Shrek is owned by Universal, they have the rights to show that movie however they choose.

What are the funniest quotes in Shrek movies?

Shrek’s 15 Funniest Quotes. 15 “Do You Think He’s Maybe Compensating For Something?”. The great thing about the Shrek movies is that they’re filled with innuendos. These 14 “Actually, It’s Quite Good On Toast.”. 13 “Donkey, You Have The Right To Remain Silent. What You Lack Is The Capacity.”. 12

Is there going to be a fourth Shrek movie?

Despite the fact that the fourth movie, Shrek Forever After, was advertised as “the final chapter” in the Shrek saga, there have been persistent rumors of a fifth movie since it hit theaters. There were even reports of a reboot without the involvement of Mike Myers, which had fans up in arms, because it’s his character.

Who are the actors in the movie Shrek?

With a star-studded cast featuring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow, Shrek took familiar fairytales and totally turned them on their heads, adding in slapstick humor and larger than life characters you would never find in any other story, fairytale or otherwise.

How many quotes does donkey have in Shrek?

With sharp wit, pop culture commentary, and seemingly endless enthusiasm, Donkey is Shrek ‘s secret weapon. We’ve added 5 more quotes from Donkey to our list, for a grand total of 15. Updated on July 20th, 2020 by Derek Draven: As mentioned in our updated intro, we’ve added 5 more quotes from Donkey to our list to round out the laughs.