What gin is best with cucumber tonic?

Our recommended pairings

  • Tanqueray Rangpur Gin.
  • Gordon’s London Dry Gin.
  • The Botanist Islay Gin.

Is Hendricks gin cucumber based?

Hendrick’s unique flavor comes from its use of 13 ingredients: Bulgarian roses, cucumbers, and 11 botanicals, including juniper, coriander, orange, lemon, angelic, orris root, cubeb berries, caraway seeds, chamomile, elderflower, and yarrow.

What Tonic is best with gin?

Best Tonic for Gin 2020

  • Best Tonic Water Overall: Fever Tree Light Tonic Water.
  • Best Flavored Tonic Water: Regatta Dry Citrus Sparkling Tonic.
  • Best Tonic Syrup: Timberline Tonic Syrup.
  • Best Bitter Lemon: Red Bull Bitter Lemon.
  • Best Zero Calorie Tonic: East End Tonic.

How to make gin and tonic with cucumber?

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the cucumber with the lime juice until it is well smooshed. Add the St Germain, gin, and a handful of ice. Shake for 30 seconds of so. Fill a highball glass with ice (I’m partial to crushed ice for this) and strain in the gin mixture. Top off with tonic water. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon or two and a lime wedge.

What’s the recipe for Hendrick’s gin and tonic?

There’s a good reason the HENDRICK’S & Tonic, with its cucumber garnish, is so loved. Poetry in a highball. This isn’t a gin & tonic recipe, this is the gin & tonic recipe. Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice and lightly stir. Garnish with 3 thinly sliced rounds of cucumber and serve.

Is the gin and tonic good for You?

Gin and tonic is known to be one of the best cocktails for those watching their weight. While the gin itself is low in calories, the tonic water can be a sugar bomb. So if you’re watching your waistline, make sure you opt-in for zero tonic water.