What does the word Ululate mean?

: to utter a loud, usually protracted, high-pitched, rhythmical sound especially as an expression of sorrow, joy, celebration, or reverence : howl …

What does ululating sound like?

Ululation is a howling or wailing sound. In many cultures, the sound of ululation is common at a funeral, while in others the mourners only sniffle quietly. Ululation is often mournful and it’s always full of emotion. In some cases, ululation can be celebratory or joyful rather than sad.

How do you use ululation in a sentence?

Ululation in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Letting out a loud, high-pitched ululation, the deceased woman’s daughter continued to wail over her casket.
  2. The sound of the mother’s ululation cold be heard over the cries of all of the other grieving parents at the crash site.

What does elephantine mean in English?

1a : having enormous size or strength : massive. b : clumsy, ponderous elephantine verse.

What means ungainly?

1a : lacking in smoothness or dexterity : clumsy ungainly movements. b : hard to handle : unwieldy an ungainly contraption. 2 : having an awkward appearance a large ungainly bird.

What is Middle Eastern singing called?

eratic singing. Middle Eastern singing is a style by itself. dictated by a music rich in modes known as the maqam. system. This system is characterized by half steps, whole.

How do you use ungainly in a sentence?

Ungainly sentence example

  1. He was ungainly , with rickety legs.
  2. The horses and cattle are of a degenerate type, small, ungainly and inured to neglect and hard usage.
  3. The general shape of the animal is ungainly , owing to a huge hump on the withers, at which point the height is about 3 ft.

Where does the word ululate come from in English?

Ululate descends from the Latin verb ululare. That Latin root carried the same meaning as our modern English word, and it likely originated in the echoes of the rhythmic wailing sound associated with it. Even today, ululate often refers to ritualistic or expressive wailing performed at times of mourning or celebration or used to show approval.

Why are there two ways to pronounce Celt?

Another influence on pronouncing Celt and Celtic with a soft ‘c’ is English’s phonetic rule for ‘c’ when followed by ‘e’ (or ‘i,’ as in circus or Cicero), which says that, in such cases, the ‘c’ is usually pronounced as s&]. Think cell, cereal, ceiling, and dance.

Why are there two ways to say Celtics?

While the early pronunciation was with an /s/ sound, reflecting its nearest origin in French, the modern standard is a hard “c” sound like /k/. This is because language historians desired the word to better reflect its Greek and Classical Latin origins. The soft “c” sound is usually reserved for sports teams now, like the Boston Celtics.

Which is the correct pronunciation, Keltic or Seltic?

Celtic Pronunciation: The Scholarly Preference. I prefer “keltic” as the Celtic pronunciation to refer to the Celtic languages and cultures, and so all of the English-speaking Medievalists and Celticists (that’s “kelticists”) I know.