What does the monster monopoly cartoon mean?

This political cartoon drawn during the Gilded Age depicts Standard Oil as an octopus which uses unscrupulous business methods to put the competition out of business. It was considered to be a monpoly that harmed many small oil companies and dominated the oil industry for many years.

Who made the monster monopoly political cartoon?

STANDARD OIL CARTOON – ‘Monster Monopoly’ is a drawing by Granger which was uploaded on February 17th, 2013.

Why would the political cartoonist use an octopus to represent a monopoly?

One tentacle reach- es for the White House. The octopus has long been a useful symbol for cartoon- ists. Its tentacles make a convenient metaphor for a grasping, threatening, strangling force. In Keppler’s 1904 drawing, the Standard Oil monopoly ensnares other industries as well as our political leadership.

Why do you think the cartoonist used an octopus to represent Standard Oil?

Why do you think the artist chose an octopus to represent standard oil? Because Standard Oil is branching out and taking over more and more companies/ suppliers. It saying its growing bigger and bigger and the octopus shows that it is a big company with lots of hands.

What is the purpose of this editorial cartoon?

Artists create editorial cartoons to express their opinions about events in the news. Editorial cartoons use pictures and text to make a point or raise questions about a news event.

Who owned Standard Oil?

John D. Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937), founder of the Standard Oil Company, became one of the world’s wealthiest men and a major philanthropist.

What country is pictured as the octopus in the center of this political cartoon?

This 1936 or 1937 French anti-communist propaganda poster was one of the first that depicted Soviet Russia as an octopus. It argues that the whole of Europe is fighting communism.

Why is England called John Bull?

John Bull’s surname is reminiscent of the alleged fondness of the English for beef, reflected in the French nickname for English people les rosbifs (the “Roast Beefs”). During the Napoleonic Wars, John Bull became the national symbol of freedom, of loyalty to king and country, and of resistance to French aggression.

Why are monopolies bad?

Monopolies are bad because they control the market in which they do business, meaning that they don’t have any competitors. When a company has no competitors, consumers have no choice but to buy from the monopoly.

What is the main idea of the Standard Oil cartoon?

“, Puck Magazine, 1904. This political cartoon from 1904 well demonstrates American fears about the Standard Oil Company’s vast and growing power over the American government.

What is the main purpose of a political cartoon?

Political cartoons can be very funny, especially if you understand the issue that they’re commenting on. Their main purpose, though, is not to amuse you but to persuade you. A good political cartoon makes you think about current events, but it also tries to sway your opinion toward the cartoonist’s point of view.