What does golden voice and silver tongue mean?

Golden Voice refers to a person with a beautiful voice like a singer and/or a radio voice. Silver Tongue refers to someone who is very skilled in a conversation.

What does it mean for someone to have a silver tongue?

English Language Learners Definition of silver-tongued : able to speak in a way that makes other people do or believe what you want them to do or believe. See the full definition for silver-tongued in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is a silver tongued devil?

The phrase silver-tongued devil is also popular, with the connotation that the person is being referred to is a little naughty, or a bit of a huckster, usually in an affectionate way.

How do you use silver tongue?

Silver-tongued sentence example Jonathan was a prince to behold, suave beyond description, and with silver-tongued oratory, he calmed the fears of an entire city. As Mom used to say, truth hurts, but surely silver tongued Alex could have found a less contentious way of saying it.

Is being silver tongued good?

If you are silver-tongued, you are good at persuading people to do things.

What’s the opposite of a silver tongue?

What is the opposite of silver-tongued?

inarticulate sincere
halting hesitant
implausible thoughtful
tongue-tied quiet
silent stuttering

Where does the term silver tongue come from?

Many attribute the term silver-tongued to a description of a certain preacher who lived in England in the latter 1500s named Henry Smithe, also known as Silver Tongued Smith. However, there is a passage in the Old Testament of the Bible which may be the basis of this idiom.

How do you use silver tongue in a sentence?

What is the silver tongue in Fantastic Beasts?

The dark wizard has proved his powers of deception in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Within the first few moments of the second film, we hear of him as a “silver tongue” who manipulated his own prison guards into becoming his followers.