Top 5 Car GPS

No one likes to get lost when out driving your car. Doing so wastes both time and petrol so it is most definitely an unwanted experience. Purchasing a Global Positioning System (GPS) is the way forward but which are the best ones to go out and purchase?

You’re not going to just know which are the best so it is important to get some advive on which one to purchase. Thankfully, there are sites out there that contain plenty of information about the best car gps currently available including reviews.

Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

This may be in the moderate to high end of the pricing market but it is worth every penny. It’s not too large being 5.1 inches diagonal display and measures 4.4 inches by 2.6 inches. One bonus is that you will receive free lifetime updates so that removes having to do that via your computer. Other important features include live traffic. It also has smartphone integration for Bluetooth hands-free calling and has driver alerts for speed cameras and red-light cameras.

TomTom GO 52

Here’s a GPS with a mid-range price and contains plenty of exciting features. That includes free map updates for not just the USA but Canada and Mexico too. On top of that are free traffic updates for as long as you have this GPS. The irritation of getting a ticket because you don’t know about where a safety camera is are over because this tells you where they are.

It also has smartphone integration and that’s useful for hands-free calling. The Destination Prediction feature helps if you regularly travel to the same destination.

Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S

This is another GPS that is great value. Again this is highly recommended because of its many excellent features. It won’t just get you to where you want without ending up where you don’t want to be but can be used with your smartphone. This isn’t just about directions but safety too. You will appreciate its fatigue warning feature and advance info about sharp turns.

Rand McNally OverDryve

Even if you have multiple stops to make, this GPS has the ability to take you on the best route. This is a rather multi-talented GPS as it can also be used as a tablet. That means you have the abilility to put apps, audiobooks and games on there. Motor along while listening to music and your favourite podcasts This GPS can also be used on your iPhone or Android, so it’s possible to take calls and employ voice texting.

Aonerex 7” Touchscreen GPS Navigator

If you are looking for a dependable GPS, then this is for you. It’s excellent at calculating the best route you need to take thanks to its reliable satellite connections. The latest maps have been installed for countries on both sides of the Atlantic as well as Australia and New Zealand. It is available in several languages and if you do happen to miss a turn, it’ll soon get you back on the track with another route.