Is the Cannondale Scalpel a good bike?

The Cannondale Scalpel is exceptionally good at riding a huge variety of terrain well but it is not an “aggressive trailbike” that could casually do some bike park laps and still be fun on your local terrain. Instead, this is an XC bike with attitude.

How heavy is the pivot Trail 429?

The new Pivot Trail 429 frame with the shock comes in at a 5.9lbs, a full 300 grams lighter than the previous version. Our Pro XT/XTR build comes in at an impressive 26.5lbs. This weight is very noticeable and has helped push my riding distances with less fatigue.

How much does the Cannondale Scalpel weight?

11.32 kg
Cannondale claims that the Scalpel SE 1, which features a RockShox SID Select + fork, Shimano XT/SLX 12-speed group and Cannondale’s own carbon wheels, weighs 11.32 kg (24.9 lb).

How much do Cannondale mountain bikes weigh?

Technical specs

Best Use Mountain Biking
Dropper Post Yes
Weight 33 lbs. 4.8 oz.
Bike Weight Bike weight is based on median size, as sold, or the average of two median sizes.
Gender Unisex

What is a scalpel bike?

Cannondale has refreshed its cross-country race-winning Scalpel for 2021, giving it a completely new frame featuring flexible chainstays. Alongside the race-focused bike is the Cannondale Scalpel SE, with more travel and more aggressive geometry. However, only Europe will get all the bikes in the range.

How much is the pivot Trail 429?

Pivot Trail 429 Build Kits The 429 comes in 14 different builds with prices starting at $5,599. It’s not an overwhelming as it sounds: There are three build buckets—Race, Pro, Team and each has several options.

How much does the Pivot Mach 4 weight?

Starting at 1930 grams (including shock), the Mach 4 SL takes a front row seat in the ultralight full suspension category and has the best stiffness to weight ratios we’ve ever created. The new Mach 4SL is over 300 grams lighter than its feathery predecessor, the Mach 429 SL – that’s ¾ of a pound!

Does Cannondale still make lefty?

It was found on the Slate gravel bike and provided 30mm of travel. Cannondale’s latest Lefty offering, the Lefty Ocho, is a cross-country fork with 100-120mm of travel. It’s currently found on the F-Si hardtail and Scalpel full-suspension XC bikes.

Is 33 pounds heavy for a mountain bike?

Is 33 pounds heavy for a bike? If you are going to be tackling rough terrain, a 33lb bike may work really well as it is not too lightweight that it will struggle, but not so heavy it weighs you down. In general, a full-suspension mountain bike will give you more control and comfort.

Is the pivot Mach 429sl a full suspension bike?

The Mach 429SL is a big update on Pivot’s heralded 29er full-suspension platform. The new 429 comes to the table boasting improved carbon manufacturing that shaves a claimed half-pound from the previous generation without compromising stiffness or suspension performance.

What kind of bike is pivot Mach 4 29er?

Pivot has been cranking out variations of its Mach 4 29er for years now; this bike is nothing like them.

Is the pivot trail 429 an enduro bike?

Pivot has taken the essence of the old 429 and combined it with the aspirations of an enduro bike. The end mix gives a truly versatile bike that can handle a huge range of trails and challenges with XC-like speed agility without losing out on comfort or capability.

Where can I Ride the pivot Mach 6?

The 429 Trail fills that spectrum. On South Mountain here in Phoenix, Sedona, and in Moab, I can ride the 429 Trail everywhere that I can ride the Mach 6 with equal confidence.