Is Shetland a good place to live?

They may be 100 miles from the mainland, with biting cold winds, no trees and barely three hours of daylight in the depths of winter, but the Shetland Islands are the best place in Scotland to live, a quality of life survey claimed yesterday.

What is the crime rate in the Shetland Islands?

Crime figures for SHETLAND ISLANDS – (population : 22,440)
Offences Total Rate per 1,000 population
Domestic housebreaking 35 1.6
Vandalism 256 11.4
Other crimes 333 14.8

Are the Shetland Islands safe?

From a crime perspective, Shetland is an extremely safe place. If you are mugged, robbed or treated with anything other than courtesy during your stay, you can consider yourself extremely unlucky.

What language do they speak in Shetland?

Modern Shetlandic Scots
The Shetland language or dialect is described as Modern Shetlandic Scots (a form of the Scots language) by some linguists.

How many murders does Shetland Island have?

In the first three seasons of Shetland, there have been a dozen or so murders and that number could soar to 15 by the end of the fourth series, giving the isles a murder rate of 68.2 per 100,000 people — and, if these killings were real, making it 11th on the world’s most deadly places list.

Is there crime on Shetland?

Shetland hits 10-year high for number of recorded sexual crimes, while overall crime declines. New statistics from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) show the total number of sexual crimes recorded by police rose from 25 in 2010-11 to 56 in 2019-20.

Is it expensive to live on the Shetland Islands?

Talking to people on the streets of Lerwick, the capital of Shetland, there’s pretty much unanimous agreement. Living in the islands costs more than living down south – on the Scottish mainland. And transport costs figure largely in household budgets.

How big is a house in Shetland Isles?

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Where can I buy a house in Shetland?

A stunning 1-bedroom apartment is available in the new development Queen’s Wharf, located on the desirable River Thames read more Reference – 46643 Description Breiview Guest House is an extremely well run business that has been owned by the current proprietors for over 26 years.

Where is the best place to live in the Shetland Islands?

Find properties for sale in Shetland Islands, county – Nestoria Great three bedroom bungalow in move-in condition situated at the north end of whalsay, an island on the east side of shetland. The well-presented property was completely renovated in 2004 and benefits from views across to yell, skerries and out to sea.

Where is Voe House in the Shetland Islands?

Occupying a commanding position just above the shore at the head of the voe of Olna Firth, ‘Voe House’ is an historic Grade B listed detached house surrounded by mature trees and enjoying stunning uninterrupted views along the voe. Lerwick 17 miles; Brae 5 miles.