Decorating the interior of the house, everyone wants to make it stylish, practical and comfortable. In any interior space, you can’t do without interior doors. Interior door sales are possible offline, in showrooms, and online, in Internet stores. Using photos and descriptions, you can choose the most suitable model and decorate any room according to the tastes of its owner.

Types of interior doors

There are several different classifications of doors for interior spaces. So, in terms of material, there are doors:

  • of solid wood: beech, pine, alder, walnut, ash, oak;
  • of tempered glass;
  • laminated;
  • veneered;
  • of polymeric materials.

According to the construction of the door leaf, there are flush doors and panel framed doors. The first ones are a frame made of natural wood, lined with MDF panels. The second have a more complicated design. Solid planks in the form of grids with several openings are used as the basis. The openings in the frame are filled with shaped veneers, which are fixed in different ways.

According to the type of opening, the doors can be:

  • hinged;
  • sliding;
  • folding;
  • swinging.

All these classifications allow you to understand the variety of interior doors so that you can find interior door sales that will fit perfectly into the created interior.

How to choose interior doors

Interior door sales involve a large range of different models. However, when choosing, it is important to consider some characteristics, such as:

  1. The width of the door leaf. It can be from 60 to 110 cm or other sizes if we are talking about original designs.
  2. The height of the leaf – from 200 to 230 cm.
  3. The material of the door leaf and fittings: quality, practicality and durability are primarily important here.
  4. The way of opening.
  5. The weight and type of construction.
  6. The size and purpose of the room.
  7. Manufacturer’s brand: you should only give preference to brands that guarantee the quality of their products.

The choice of the type of door depends on many factors, and the cost is an important one. Often, not the most expensive models fit perfectly into the interior and retain their original appearance for many years. There are no little things in interior door sales, so you should take into account all factors and choose the best option.

Why to buy doors online

Interior door sales in one online store are certain advantages for buyers, such as:

  • a wide range of models and designs of door panels;
  • high quality and environmental friendliness of products;
  • possibility to realize individual projects;
  • selection of appropriate accessories;
  • delivery and professional installation of the door;
  • guarantee and return policy;
  • prices from the manufacturer.

Each customer has the opportunity to get detailed advice on each item, to place an order and delivery. It is convenient to pay by smartphone and bank card. The next day you can enjoy your new interior door. Buying quality products for your home at sale doors: triodoors.ca, customers save time and money.