How much power can a Mini Cooper S handle?

BMW says they can get 300 HP reliably from a turbo B48.

What years were the Mini Cooper S supercharged?

The vehicles produced during the 2001 to 2006 model years included four hatchback models (UK and some international markets: Hatch, US: Hardtop, other markets just plain Mini): the standard “Mini One”, the diesel-engined “Mini One/D”, the sportier “Mini Cooper” and the supercharged “Mini Cooper S”; in 2005, a …

Is there a service for a Mini Cooper supercharger?

I believe there is a major service that’s needed which incorporates the supercharger but don’t know what’s the best way to go about it and who to take it to without being hung out to dry. I have a Mini Cooper s 2006 with 79000 on the clock.

What kind of power does a Mini Cooper have?

Of course, the power builds as the revs climb, and it’s a thrilling rush that can make the steering wheel wiggle around some as the tires eagerly scrabble for grip. Yet down low, it never feels flat. Just for kicks, I compared the performance of our Cooper S versus the previous generation: 2006 Cooper S (Supercharged 1.6 liter I4, 168 hp):

Is the 2007 MINI Cooper’s supercharged or turbo?

2007 Mini Cooper S: Turbocharged versus Supercharged February 19, 2008 As you Mini Cooper buffs know, the previous-generation S was supercharged while the current one is turbocharged. Before this version debuted and I had heard that Mini was switching from super- to turbocharging, it struck me odd.

When is the cut off for a Mini Cooper R53?

I’ve recently obtained the How To Maintain and Modify MINI Cooper (covers Mark 1, R50/R52/R53 Cars) and find it helpful as well, but it is mainly for doing things on your own. That requires a lot of tools, some of which are quite pricey. Oh, and see if you have an R53. I believe the cut off is July 2006, prior to which is R53.