How much is a Yamaha V Star worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $8,899 $3,695
Options (Add)
Total Price $8,899 $3,695

What’s the difference between V Star Classic and custom?

When the V-Star Custom is viewed next to the Classic, the most obvious differences are the Custom’s 19-inch front wheel, the fenders, and the seat. The Custom, however, acts its size. The petite front fender and the bobbed rear shrink the bike’s profile.

How fast is a Yamaha V Star 650?

At 85 mph and above, the vibration builds with a vengeance, blurring the mirrors. Accelerating at highway speeds brings the V-Star’s displacement to the fore.

How much is a Yamaha V-Star 1100 worth?

The V-Star 1100 will retail for a suggested $7799, right at the bottom of the 1100-class price range. Yamaha’s attempt to overShadow the competition is well-executed.

Is the Yamaha XVS650 V Star a good bike?

MBG Says: (Rating 9/10) The small V-Stars represent excellent values, especially for less experienced motorcyclists who will be pleased by their easy and friendly behaviour, and by the accessibility of their power. For other riders, the low level of performance will very probably be disappointing.

What’s the difference between a V Star and a Silverado 650?

V-Star Classic (650) XVS650A – The same frame as the V-star Custom but with wider front wheel, metal fenders, longer bodywork, less chromed styling, dragged handlebars, wider seat and numerous styling differences. V-Star Silverado (650) – Much as the V-Star Classic with saddlebags and a few other touring additions

How much does a Yamaha V Star Silverado cost?

Retail Price…$5,899 ~ $5,999* The V Star Silverado® features all the performance and glamour of its V Star Classic sibling, with a casual touring twist that includes an adjustable windshield, studded seat, backrest and hard leather saddlebags. Long and low with a 64-inch wheelbase powered by a brawny, shaft-driven, 40-cubic-inch V-twin. -Yamaha

What kind of motorcycle is the DragStar 650?

The Yamaha DragStar 650 (also known as the V Star 650 and the XVS650/XVS650A) is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Company.